Perfect Gifts for Futurama Fans

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In the coming decades, pop culture scholars will declare that Futurama was one of the most important television programs of the 20th and 21st centuries. But you and your Groeningverse-loving friends already knew that. That’s why you need Futurama gifts this year for the holidays.

If you’ve never seen the show, but have Futurama-obsessed people in your life, you might be wondering what where to find great gifts for Futurama fans. Well fear not, shopper! This list is full of spectacular Futurama gift ideas for men, women, and children of all ages. Step into the cryo-chamber, and check out these neato giftamajigs that make excellent Futurama presents.

On this list of rad Futurama products, we’ve got everything from perfect stocking stuffers to spectacular showpieces. Some of the items are Futurama collectibles, so they’re a little pricey. But they’ve been balanced out by inexpensive, yet very awesome Futurama merchandise from all over the web. You’ll be able to find something perfect on this list, no matter what kind of fan you’re shopping for. Whether they want to delve into the philosophical ruminations of the beloved series, or they just like it when Bender tells people to bite him, you'll get something great.

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  • Planet Express Vinyl Sticker
    Photo: Amazon

    There's only one way to let people know that you're a Planet Express delivery boy, and that's with this PE decal. Just remember: You're expendable, the package is not. 

    What Else You Might Want: Double down on your Planet Express decals with this sticker of the actual ship

  • Bender Wind-Up Tin Robot
    Photo: Amazon

    Who doesn't want to hang out with a shiny, wind-up metal bot? This toy is a really fun collectible that taps into your latent desire to wind things.

    What Else You Might Want: If you don't have enough wind-up toys, pick up the Gender Bender one.  

  • Hypnotoad Coin Bank
    Photo: Amazon

    Do you have a lot of loose change? Do you need to keep it somewhere safe while scaring people into thinking they might be hypnotized? Then you need a Hypnotoad coin bank, baby!

    What Else You Might Want: Go full Hypnotoad and pick up this Hypnotoad vinyl decal. Hypnotoad commands it. 

  • Collectable Playing Cards
    Photo: Amazon

    The next time you need to pass some time on a rainy day, bust out these playing cards emblazoned with Futurama characters! It'll definitely wow your friends. Or if you're playing solitaire, wow yourself!

  • Everyone needs an ugly sweater featuring the scariest man in the Futurama universe: Santa (and his robot-reindeer). Wear this baby to your grandma's house and have fun explaining it to her. 

  • Futurama Conquers the Universe is one of the best anthology collections of the Bongo Futurama comics, and it's a wonderful jumping off point for anyone wondering where to get into the written world of Futurama

    What Else You Might Want: After you conquer Futurama Conquers the Universe, pick up a copy of the Time Bender Trilogy