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Times Futurama Weirdly Predicted The Future

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Futurama is one of the most beloved shows (animated or otherwise) you'll find on television. Not only was it hysterical, it was an exceptionally intelligent show that looked deep into our future (all the way to the year 3000) and painted a picture of reality that eventually came true. Seriously, in addition to having jokes you need to be a genius to understand, Futurama predicted the future. Sure, we haven't colonized Pluto, fought a malevolent robot Santa, or mastered interstellar travel yet, but there are several pieces of technology present in the show that found their way into our lives. And really, we all know that an evil Santa robot is just a matter of time. 

The simple fact is, some Futurama jokes came true. The way humanity perceives the world, current events, and even video games all changed by the time Fry moved into the distant future... we just didn't realize how quickly those changes would come. While most people are aware of all the Simpsons jokes that predicted the future, they're probably not familiar with all of the insane Futurama predictions that really happened. 

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    NASA Asteroid Response

    It's been depicted in a few movies now, but one of Futurama's earliest episodes, "A Piece of Garbage," depicted an end of the world scenario featuring an asteroid hitting Earth. Because it's Futurama, instead of sending space shuttles to destroy it they send another asteroid into space (made completely out of garbage) in hopes that they'll collide.

    The theory was, the original asteroid would be knocked off course and the Earth would be saved. The crazy thing is, NASA actually had a similar plan to combat a potential asteroid that threatened to hit the planet in 2013. Their projectile, however, probably wouldn't be made out of garbage. 

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    The Hyperloop

    One of the most iconic visuals of Futurama, aside from the Planet Express ship, is the miles and miles of transparent tubes that suck people around the city in a hilarious public transit system. It recalls the tube systems that would suck documents across an office.

    It would never work for people, right? Well, Elon Musk essentially wants to do the same thing with his proposed Hyperloop system. Here's how it works: someone goes into a pod in a low pressure tube and gets shot to their destination at high speed. The Hyperloop is meant to first connect Los Angeles and San Francisco, with the rest of the world to follow.  

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    A Transgender Olympian

    In the Season 4 episode "Bend Her," everyone's favorite felonious robot poses as a fembot in order to compete in the 3004 Olympic games. While Bender (or Coilette, as it were) ultimately went through a sex change to fool the gender testers and keep his gold medals, real world New Zealand athlete Laurel Hubbard lived as a woman for years before she began to compete in Olympic-level weightlifting events. 

    Hubbard, like Coilette, dominated the other participants at the Australian International weightlifting competition, lifting about 41 pounds more than the second-place finisher. So not only did Futurama predict the participation of trans athletes in high-level events, the show also had the foresight to realize they would crush their adversaries.      

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    The Ebola Epidemic

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    Remember the Ebola outbreak that had everyone in America freaking out for a while? It seemed inevitable that there would be another Ebola scare, to be fair, but the extent of the last outbreak had a lot of people worried.

    Well... Futurama kinda called that. In fact, in the episode "A Piece of Garbage," there's an entire planet called Ebola 9 where people are infected with the disease. Clearly there have been some mutations over the years, and intergalactic civilization was forced to put all the infected on the same planet like a leper colony. Hopefully we won’t suffer the same fate here. 

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