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Old Futuristic Movies Whose Futures We've Passed

Updated 27 Sep 2019 97.8k views15 items

Most of the visions of the future from old movies have not completely come to be. Flying cars are still a sci-fi dream, and no one has set foot on a distant planet, let alone colonized it. It's fun to dream, though, and even more fun to revisit retro visions of what people thought was just ahead. Here are 15 future movies we've passed in time.

Now that the future has passed in these movies, it’s interesting to see which aspects came to fruition. Perhaps computers do not have the capability to be self-aware and murderous like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, yet consumers are more dependent now on their personal technology than ever. Just ask the table of people eating dinner out at a restaurant who can’t stop checking their phones. Or any driver that still needs to use their GPS systems to find a location that they’ve been to a dozen times.

But for every movie that got the future wrong, there are a few that guessed some things right. Imagine the dystopian Big Brother-type world predicted in the science fiction film 1984. Even though humans do not live in a society where free thought is banned and falling in love is a crime, one can’t argue that government security and surveillance doesn't heavily exist in everyday life.

Check out both the hilarious futures from old movies and the ones that came pretty close to getting the future right. Then share some of your favorite future movies whose times we passed in the comments section below.