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The Loves Of YouTuber Gabbie Hanna's Life

February 28, 2020 2.6k views3 items

Who has Gabbie Hanna dated? The popular YouTuber actually got her start on Vine. Since then, she’s ventured into the music industry, and has even released a book of poetry. She's a woman of many talents, so it’s a bit of a surprise that there aren’t more Gabbie Hanna exes. The list of Gabbie Hanna relationships is actually pretty short. Read on below for the full Gabbie Hanna dating history.

Is Gabbie Hanna single? There were rumors for a while that Hanna was dating a man by the name of Desmond Harrington. He's an actor perhaps best known for his role on Dexter. This was not one of the more popular men Gabbie Hanna dated, as many believe her video about dating a pathological liar is about him. However, things seem to be going better now, with Payton Saxton. The YouTuber is another of the Gabbie Hanna boyfriends. Has Gabbie Hanna married? The internet celebrity has not yet tied the knot, so there is no Gabbie Hanna husband. However, 

All of the people Gabbie Hanna dated have been gathered here in one list. If you're a fan of her channel, then you'll definitely want to see who she spends time with when the cameras are off.