25 Funny Times Brazilian DIY Projects Were Equal Parts Chaotic And Ingenious

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"Gambiarra" is a Brazilian term for the practice of improvising methods and solutions with any available material. The ingenuity of these solutions are inspiring in their creativity and practicality - from makeshift showerheads to using chickens as pest control, here are some of our favorite feats of engineering, courtesy of r/ItHadToBeBrazil.

  • 1. How To Stop Footballs From Hitting Your Window

    How To Stop Footballs From Hitting Your Window
    Photo: u/Grass_GB / Reddit
    866 votes
  • 2. Homemade Wind Tunnel

    Homemade Wind Tunnel
    Photo: u/Dr-Mayhem / Reddit
    939 votes
  • 3. Whatever Works

    Whatever Works
    Photo: u/dat_Cloud / Reddit
    536 votes
  • 4. If It Works

    If It Works
    Photo: u/catrumano / Reddit
    578 votes
  • 5. All Natural

    All Natural
    Photo: u/kirikuku / Reddit
    459 votes
  • 6. Cozy

    Photo: u/ComanderCupcake / Reddit
    371 votes