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Game Night Movie Quotes

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Game Night movie quotes provide the dialogue for the film about a group of friends who have one game night that they'll never forget. The comedy film was directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein using a screenplay written by Mark Perez. Game Night opened theatrically in the United States on February 23, 2018.

In Game Night, the highly competitive Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachael McAdams) regularly host a game night with friends. Max's brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler), in his constant effort to one-up Max, invites Max, Annie and their friends to his home for a game night like no other. Max and Annie agree and bring along friends Ryan (Billy Magnussen), Sarah (Sharon Horgan), Kevin (Lamorne Morris) and Michelle (Kylie Bunbury).

But when the friends learn that this game night is going to be a bit unusual, things get scary fast. As Brooks explains, it's an interactive role playing game where the participants won't know what's real and what's not. Fast forward a bit and Brooks is kidnapped, Max gets shot by Annie and they're on the hunt for a black market Faberge egg. Surely this will be one game night no one will forget, as much as they may want to.

Game Night was one of several early 2018 movies in theaters along with Annihilation, Red Sparrow, Fifty Shades Freed, and Black Panther.  

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    Camaraderie of Good Friends

    Gary: I’ve always enjoyed the camaraderie of good friends. It's often we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone.
    Ryan: Oh, because your wife left you.
    Kevin: Ah, shit

    Gary has long wanted to be invited to game night but he might be rethinking that as once he gets there, he's immediately insulted. So much for a warm welcome.

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    How to Remove a Bullet

    Annie: This is instructions on how to remove a bullet. They didn’t have rubbing alcohol so I brought you this lovely chard.
    Max: Good idea. Way to pivot.
    Max: What is helpful in Country Living?
    Annie: Oh, that’s for later. There’s a corn chowder recipe that looks really good. You love corn chowder, huh?
    Max: Yeah, I do. Thank you.
    Annie: That’ll cheer you up.

    As any reasonable married couple would do, Max and Annie attempt amateur bullet removal after Max is shot. How could they fail using Internet instructions, a fine wine and a recipe for corn chowder? 

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    A Murder Mystery Party

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    Brooks: Tonight we’re taking game night up a notch. We don't need a board and we do not need pieces.
    Max: We won’t need any extra rudeness either.
    Brooks: Someone in this room is going to be taken and it's going to be up to you to find them.
    Kevin: It’s a murder mystery party.
    Michelle: Fun!
    Brooks: Whoever finds the victim wins the grand prize, the keys to the Stingray.
    Ryan: Just the keys?
    Brooke: No, Ryan, the whole car!
    Ryan: Oh yes!

    This is no ordinary casual gathering of friends to play board games, as Brooks explains in these Game Night movie quotes. Brooks has set up a big fancy game night with a big fancy grand prize. 

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    A Fire in a Windowless Room

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    Ryan: I just want to wish you the best of luck tonight. Byeee!
    Kevin: Baby, hand me those matches. I’m about to burn this door down.
    Michelle: You’re going to light a fire in a windowless room that we’re trapped in.
    Kevin: Well, it's only going to be dangerous until the door burns down.

    When Kevin and Michelle get trapped in a room in these Game Night movie quotes, Kevin has a brilliant idea on how to escape. Luckily, Michelle shuts that idea down before they both die of smoke inhalation.

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