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The Game of Thrones Actors in Real Life

Stars! They're just like us! Even the actors and actresses of HBO's Game of Thrones have to let down their Dothraki braids every once in a while. This photo gallery list features funny, awesome pictures of the GoT cast in real life, out and about, hanging out together, and even hula hooping. You know you want to see a picture of Tyrion hula hooping.

The Stark kids take adorable pictures off set, and you might not even recognize Cersei Lannister or The Hound. One of the most violent, intimidating characters in the entire series is even pictured here holding adorable puppies! And, you might be surprised how different Theon can look, with just a little (well, it looks more like a lot) hair gel. From the most badass GoT ladies, to some even weirder Game of Thrones odd couples than are on the show, these real life photos of the GoT cast are tons of fun.

What does the Game of Thrones cast look like in real life? Which GoT actors hang out when not filming? Take a look at the pictures below and see Westeros in a whole new way.
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    Gal Pals Palling Around

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    The Stark Children Are Just Crazy

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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    Suit Up... Winter Is Coming

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    DJ Hodor Spinnin' Tunes

    Photo: flickr / CC0
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