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Surprising Places The 'Game of Thrones' Cast Has Landed Since The Show Ended

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Despite a controversial (and much derided) final season, HBO's Game of Thrones remains one of the most popular TV series of all time. 

Fans fell in love with the actors who over time seemed to become their roles, but after so many years playing an iconic character, where do you go from there? Is the typecasting too strong to overcome or can an actor move on without too much trouble?

The answer varies by cast member, but you'll be happy to hear that many are doing just fine in their post-GoT existences.

Here's a rundown of "where they are now." Vote up the ones you think have made the best role choices as they navigate their lives after GoT. 

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    Then: Lyanna Mormont

    Now: She didn't have a lot of scenes, but she stole every one she was in. And this young actress is just getting started, with starring roles in upcoming films like Catherine, Called Birdy (with fellow GoT-er Dean-Charles Chapman) and Starz's upcoming series Becoming Elizabeth about the famous British queen's ascension in which she'll play Jane Grey. 

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    Then: Hodor

    Now: We are completely down to see how Nairn plays into upcoming film Unwelcome about Londoners battling murderous goblins in rural Ireland - but we're also excited about how he'll play into upcoming HBO Max series Our Flag Means Death about an 18th-century landowner who allays his midlife crisis by becoming a pirate on the high seas. 

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    Then: Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane

    Now: His character lasted until the very end if you don't count that his character was a zombie the last few seasons. Nonetheless, when he's not setting world deadlift records, his post-GoT existence began with 2019 actioner Pharaoh's War in which he stars alongside Mike Tyson (weird, we know). We're more excited about upcoming revenge thriller The Northman about a very pissed off Viking.

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    Then: Grey Worm

    Now: Staying in the fantasy realm but veering toward comedy, Anderson will star in upcoming British time-travel farce Timestalker.

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    Then: Septa Unella

    Now: Unless you've been hiding under a Casterly Rock, you know that Waddingham famously humiliated Cersei in the town's square with her "shame, shame, shame" tactics before becoming one of the breakout stars of Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso, which recently entered its second season. But that's not all. Since departing GoT (thanks, Cersei), she's actually been plenty busy with roles on notable TV series like Krypton and Sex Education.

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    Then: Bronn

    Now: He was set to be in Amazon's The Dark Tower adaptation before the streamer opted not to go foward with the series. But he'll soon appear in British science thriller film The Trick.

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    Then: Lord Varys

    Now: What range. He's been busy with everything from young adult fare like Here Are the Young Men to British sci-fi thriller Infinitum: Subject Unknown. He's set to star in upcoming British series Holding about an Irish cop.

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    Then: Walder Frey

    Now: The mastermind of the Red Wedding has been busy since GoT, starring in FX series The Strain but also set to appear in upcoming series like the second season of Epix's Britannia, Netflix's After Life and animated features like Guillermo del Toro's highly anticipated Pinnochio and Netflix's TV animated series Wizards (Of course he's Merlin). Oh, and did you see him playing a very Frey-like character in Netflix's Jolt? He's everywhere! 

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    Then: Gendry.

    Now: He appeared in British comedy-drama Adult Material in 2020, but fans will soon meet his new character Nick in the upcoming Netflix thriller series Pieces of Her about a trip to the mall that explodes into violence and intrigue.

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    Then: Tommen Baratheon

    Now: He didn't have a lot of lines in GoT, but this short-lived king made one of the biggest splashes of his post-GoT brethren by starring as Lance Corporal Blake in the 2019 Oscar-nominated historical war drama 1917.

    These days, he's appropriately set to appear in medieval adventure Catherine, Called Birdy with none other than Bella Ramsey, who played Lyanna Mormont on GoT. And he's also starring with Laura Dern, RuPaul and Donald Sutherland in upcoming film Ozi about an orphaned orangutan. 

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    Then: Melisandre

    Now: After appearing with GoT alum Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Domino, she has kept busy starring in drama-thriller Instinct as well as a recurring role in British series Temple and Dutch series Red Light. She'll soon appear in Starz's reboot of Dangerous Liaisons

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    Then: Stannis Baratheon

    Now: He died at the hands of Brienne of Tarth, but has since kept busy as a disgruntled would-be king. He appeared in IMDBtv's spy thriller Alex Rider, and will soon appear in another spy thriller: The Swedish film Red Election.

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    Then: Catelyn Stark

    Now: After her throaty demise at the Red Wedding, Fairley stayed with theater work and TV projects ranging from Fortitude to The White Princess to The Feed and Gangs of London. We're intrigued by her upcoming film Nobody Has to Know in which she falsely convinces an amnesia patient that they are romantically linked. 

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    Then: Yara Greyjoy

    Now: Since turning heads on The Murders at White House Farm (with onscreen GoT brother Alfie Allen no less) and BBC America hit Killing Eve in 2020, Whelan continues to churn out performances, including a role on the upcoming British TV series The Tower and voiceover work in upcoming video game Squadron 42.

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    Then: The Night King

    Now: Furdik is really more of a stuntman than actor, and he has fulfilled that role on several episodes of The Witcher since Arya Stark ended his character's uh... life in the final season of GoT. He's also a stunt actor on upcoming Jodie Comer-Matt Damon flick The Last Duel, as well as a stunt coordinator for the upcoming Italian vampire thriller Dampyr.

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    Then: Tywin Lannister

    Now: This guy's always working, and considering that his character was killed off of GoT in 2015, he has continued to take on new projects, including Netflix's upcoming Neil Gaiman adaptation The Sandman alongside fellow GoT-er Gwendoline Christie and Starz's The Serpent Queen about French noblewoman Catherine de Medici. He's also slated to appear in upcoming futuristic sci-fi thriller film A Patriot

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    Then: Ramsay Bolton

    Now: His evil GoT character thankfully went to the dogs in 2016, but Rheon has kept quite busy since then with movies and TV appearances, including the ill-fated Marvel series Inhumans and AMC series Riviera. But (get this), his next couple projects include a musical adaptation of The Magic Flute and a holiday comedy A Christmas Number One. Nice to see Ramsay stretching his wings. 

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    Then: Roose Bolton

    Now: A notorious GoT character who helped make the Red Wedding happen, McElhatton has nonetheless branched out with TV series like The Rook, The Alienist and Das Boot - as well as an appearance in Zack Snyder's Justice League. But we're really looking forward to his turn as Jean de Merteuil in Starz's upcoming Dangerous Liaisons series where he'll act alongside GoT alum Carice van Houten.

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    Then: Joffrey Baratheon

    Now: Technically, Gleeson has retired from acting. But many think he'll eventually return. In 2020, he appeared in a couple episodes of British TV series Out of Her Mind - so hope springs eternal.