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Here's What The Game Of Thrones Characters Look Like Outside Of Westeros

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What do Game of Thrones actors look like in real life? Well, for one, Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons and rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, wears a long wig to simulate the Targaryen silver-blonde locks, despite what some fans believed until recently. Similarly, the actor who plays The Hound performs from beneath tons of makeup layers to simulate his character's severe facial burns. These characters now get the chance to take a breather before the sure-to-be climactic as all hell Season 8, the final season of a show that already feels timeless.

When you see some of the differences between actor and character, you might wonder if the concept of Faceless Men is more real than anyone realizes. Eager to cast your sights on candid pictures of the Game of Thrones cast? Well, the wait for that, like winter itself, is now over.