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Game of Thrones Character Lookalikes

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The cast and characters from Game of Thrones are all uniquely amazing and completely unforgettable, but we can't help but notice a couple of similarities between our favorite Westeros citizens and some other faces in Hollywood.

Are we the only ones who see Health Ledger and Emma Stone when John Snow and Ygritte throw their flirty barbs? Or who can't get Lord Voldemort our of our heads when we see the creepy (and also bald) warlock from Qarth? We're also pretty sure that Davos Seaworth and Jean Reno (Léon: The Professional) are the exact same person.

Regardless of whether they look alike, we'd never swap out our Game of Thrones actors for their celebrity doppelgangers. Take a look at this list of GoT lookalikes, and vote for the pairs that you think could be related.

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    Sir Davos Seaworth Is Literally Jean Reno

    Sir Davos Seaworth and Jean Reno (Léon: The Professional) might be the exact same person. The eyebrows! The forehead! The eyes! The shape of the face! And especially the scowl. 
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    Jon Snow And Heath Ledger Have The Same Hair

    Jon Snow looks just like Heath Ledger when Ledger played Patrick Verona in 10 Things I Hate About You. Both characters have those "I'm a fighter, but I'm also a lover" look in their eyes. Oh, and a sexy unruly mane.

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    Tywin Lannister Looks Like An Even More Evil Grand Moff Tarkin

    Tywin Lannister and Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars are both evil masterminds, so it makes sense that they resemble each other so closely. They both share the steely look that says "A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of a sheep." Translation: I don't give a dang about you. 

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    Jamie Lannister Looks Like Captain John Smith

    Luscious flowing blonde hair and a winning smile are two attributes that Jamie Lannister and Captain John Smith from Pocahontas share. They're also both part of a very difficult romantic relationship. 
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