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Every "Game of Thrones" Character's Last Words

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While many of the characters on HBO's Game of Thrones had important things to say during their time on the show, some of the words uttered at the end of their lives hold the most sway. Many of Game of Thrones characters's famous last words might be surprising, but most are pretty telling as their final words were often spoken moments before death.

Granted, some of the last words spoken by GoT characters were said long before they died on screen, they stand as a lasting reminder of the people who make up this incredible world. This list highlights the main characters from the series who have died, but characters who were resurrected won't be featured, so don't expect to hear the final lines from the Lord Commander just yet on this list.

*Because this list deals with character deaths, if you aren't completely caught up, beware of SPOILERS ahead!

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