Game Of Thrones Characters Then And Now

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Viewers have spent a long time with the great houses of Westeros, and it's fascinating to look at the Game of Thrones characters who've been around since the first season. True, it's a small group compared to the dozens-deep cast – Red Weddings and general brutality tend to pick off a lot of people.

Some Game of Thrones characters in Season 1 look absurdly young compared to their appearances now. Just look at how much Bran has grown up, or how differently Daenerys carries herself now that she's a confident queen. And that's not to mention Drogon. Those cute little baby dragons didn't stay cute little babies for long.

Keep in mind these photos compare characters who were in the first season and have appeared in the seventh. Many of the most popular characters on the show didn't arrive until later seasons, so don't freak out when the Onion Knight doesn't appear (#TeamDavos). But this Game of Thrones character comparison still rounds up many of the beloved (or not so beloved) Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens who make Sunday nights exciting. It turns out that surviving several seasons of betrayal, brutality, and fire-breathing dragons really changes you.

Photo: HBO