The Most Memorable Last Words of Game of Thrones Characters

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Game of Thrones fans knew it wasn't wise to become too attached to their favorite characters. Over the course of the hit HBO show based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series of books, Game of Thrones proved time and time again that major characters could shockingly be dispatched without much warning. Fortunately, the many Game of Thrones deaths lead to some excellent, and occasionally poignant, Game of Thrones quotes, as GoT characters utter their last words.

Before a character shuffles off this mortal coil (or do they?!?!?), sometimes he or she says something profound, silly, inspiring, desperate, or tragic. Do you remember what Joffrey's last words were before he choked on poison? What about Robb Stark's last utterance? Or how about Tywin Lannister's last words to his son, Tyrion, who he accused of murdering Joffrey?

Scroll through some of the most memorable deaths in Game of Thrones history and reread the characters' final words. Which parting phrases do you think are the most memorable, telling, and worthy of being last words? Vote up the most memorable and infamous last words said by the many fallen heroes and villains of the Six Kingdoms and the North.

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