Game of Thrones Characters When They Were Young

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Brace yourself, young Ned Stark is coming and several SPOILERS ride with him! If you've already finished the show and are looking for something fresh, check out other shows like Game of Thrones. 
It's time for Game of Thrones flashbacks - where we see a young Ned Stark from Season 6, a sassy pre-teen Cersei from Season 5, and just how tall Rickon and Bran have grown since fleeing Winterfell. Oh hey, Rickon. Welcome home?
As the series flashes back via Bran’s warging and character’s memories, we get to see younger versions of the pawns in the Game of Thrones. Some are spot on. Seriously, how great was that young Ned Stark casting choice? Robert Aramayo did Sean Bean proud, but perhaps not the Stark family because of that whole Howland Reed stabbing Sir Arthur Dayne in the back thing. We got to see young Old Nan, a young talking Hodor/Wyllis, and Lyanna Stark as a young girl.
As Bran wargs his way around the Seven Kingdoms and beyond, we will get to see more GoT flashbacks and the casting that comes with them. Who will play baby Jon Snow? Hopefully a kid with good hair. No matter who they cast, it’s sure to stir the pot and keep the fan theories safely warm in their tinfoil hats.

Photo: HBO