The Most Hardcore Game of Thrones Characters

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Good or evil characters count. Just vote on the merits of their badassery.

Life is brutal in Westeros and Essos for the many characters of Game of Thrones. You have to be a cutthroat survivor just to live through a wedding in the Seven Kingdoms! But being strong on this dangerous continent doesn't always involve muscle and brute force. Sometimes the biggest badasses come in the smallest packages. Of all the Game of Thrones characters that grace your television screen each Sunday night, which is the biggest, most awesome, kickass badass?

Is it the Mother of Dragons? Her Khal? Would you rather have Brienne of Tarth or the Hound fighting in your corner? What about the badass wit of Little Finger and Varys? The tiny might and badass wordplay that comes from Tyrion Lannister? On a list of Game of Thrones characters, almost all meet the criteria of badass in some way - but who is the most all-around, big-time, super-duper badass character George R.R. Martin has thrust upon the world?

Vote up the characters you think are the most badass in the Game of Thrones TV series and be sure to rerank this list so that Jon Snow knows once and for all what you think of him. Then, have your voice heard as far as GoT's badass ladies, the most epic insults these amazing characters have ever uttered.
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