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20 GoT Characters Who Basically Disappeared from the Show

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Update: Never count a character out on Game of Thrones. Many of the "disappeared" characters listed here came back in later seasons, just like we predicted, and some are even major players now. And for those characters who still haven't reappeared - well, the series isn't over yet...

 In Game of Thrones, either you win, you die, or you sort of fade out until everybody forgets you were even part of the show. As viewers thrill to the weekly adventures of Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and more, it's easy to lose sight of the supporting Game of Thrones characters who exited the stage without fanfare or notice.

Whatever happened to Gendry? Or Ser Illyn Payne? Or the one Stark kid nobody ever remembers? These are just a few of the figures who seem to have been utterly forgotten by the show.

The HBO series has a notoriously high body count, but these characters are not dead, as far as anybody knows. They're also not necessarily GoT Characters Who Should Die. Some of them will undoubtedly return while the game is still afoot, but others, we fear, are simply done for, no longer relevant to the overall story.

Obviously, this list contains plenty of Game of Thrones SPOILERS, so steer clear if you're not caught up. Otherwise, scroll down and vote for the missing character whose return you're most looking forward to in the seasons to come.