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WARNING: Massive SPOILERS for everything up to Season 7, episode 6 of Game of Thrones (and possibly the future of the series). 

Before the 6th episode of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, "Beyond the Wall," aired, most viewers probably thought Daenerys and her dragons were nearly invincible. But once the Night King launched an ice spear into the neck of the dearly departed (and icily resurrected) Viserion, it has become all too clear the Mother of Dragons is as vulnerable as any being in Westeros. In fact, her end may come sooner than the audience expects. Tyrion repeatedly reminds Dany that she's not invincible, and Daenerys herself has reminded viewers she's unable to conceive children and, therefore, continue her legacy. This has to be more than coincidence. So that leaves us with the question: How will Daenerys die? 

Now, we all know Game of Thrones loves to surprise its loyal fanbase with sudden deaths of major characters. As the series draws to a close, the audience should prepare themselves for a shocking twist that will see at least one main character meet an untimely end. There are more than a few Daenerys Targaryen theories floating around the Internet that will totally convince you she's going to die, and soon. 

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Dany Might Have Seen Her Own Death In A Vision

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Redditor Try_Another_NO has a theory based on all the imagery in Dany's vision of the House of the Undying: It all foreshadows her untimely death. In the vision, Dany sees the Iron Throne and reaches out to touch it. Before she can lay a finger on the coveted seat, she's distracted by the sound of a dragon crying.

She follows the sound and emerges at the gates of Castle Black. She goes through, walking beyond the Wall and into White Walker territory. She continues and finds a tent in the middle of the snowy landscape; she enters and finds her dead husband Khal Drogo and their unborn child waiting for her. Try_Another_No thinks this could all be a prophecy predicting she will battle the White Walkers, but die doing so. In the end, she will be reunited with her husband and stillborn child in the afterlife. 

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There Will Probably Be Another Big Death

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Game of Thrones pulls no punches when it comes to shocking deaths. The fatality list is lengthy and full of people viewers could envision eventually sitting the Iron Throne. However, since the premiere of Season 7, no major characters have died. 

Daenerys may have torched the Lannisters' army, but apart from dearly departed Dickon and his dad, the only people killed were nameless extras. As tensions are ramping up, we should expect a big death just around the corner.

Jon Snow has already died once, so it wouldn’t make much sense for him to be killed again.

Cersei certainly lives life on the edge, and she will almost certainly die before the end of the series if Westeros is to see a peaceful future. How? Well, if Jaime proves to be the Prince That Was Promised, he will be the one to kill her

But we shouldn't discount Daenerys from the death pool. It would be a hell of a twist if the person most expected to end up on the throne was bumped off before she even got to sit on it. 

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Tyrion Might Have Foreshadowed Her Death

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Tyrion repeatedly points out that Dany is not invincible in "Beyond the Wall," and it seems especially pertinent now that she has ridden right into the heart of winter. She is no longer the only team with dragons—and the Night King can bring destruction like we've never seen before.

Could Tyrion be foreshadowing Dany's untimely death, brought about by her reckless dragon-riding behavior? The Night King can drop dragons from the sky, not to mention resurrect them for his own use. It seems unlikely that Daenerys, a mere mortal with no other weapons to speak of, would be able to survive his magic. 

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She May Be Killed As Part Of The Azor Ahai Prophecy

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The seeds of a blossoming romance between Dany and Jon were planted in "Beyond the Wall," which is interesting considering either one of them could be the Prince That Was Promised. Either one of them could be the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, the prophesied hero who will save the world from darkness. In order to fulfill the prophecy, the subject must make a huge sacrifice—and if it follows history, the sacrifice will be romantic in nature.

The original Azor Ahai forged his White Walker-defeating sword Lightbringer by plunging the blade into the chest of his wife, Nissa Nissa. If Jon Snow proves to be the Prince That Was Promised, and Daenerys is his one true love, then maybe he'll have to forge his own heroic sword by killing her. So far, it's unclear whether Dany or Jon will become the champion of light. If it's the latter, though, the former is surely done for. 

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