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All The Reasons We Thought Daenerys Was Going To Die Before The Series Ends

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Before Season 8, most viewers probably thought Daenerys and her dragons were nearly invincible. But once the Night King launched an ice spear into the neck of the dearly departed (and icily resurrected) Viserion - and Euron slayed Rhaegal with his fleet of scorpions - it became clear the Mother of Dragons was as vulnerable as any being in Westeros or member of her family. Tyrion repeatedly reminds Dany that she's not invincible, and Daenerys herself has reminded viewers she's unable to conceive children and, therefore, continue her legacy. This has to be more than coincidence. So that leaves us with the question: How will Daenerys die? 

Now, we all know Game of Thrones loves to surprise its loyal fanbase with sudden deaths of major characters. As the series drew to a close, the audience prepared themselves for a few more shocking twists and untimely ends for our faves. There were more than a few Daenerys Targaryen theories floating around the internet that totally called she was going to die instead of take the throne.

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    Will The Qarth Prophecy Come True?

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    Voting Closed: Jon Snow betrays his queen and slays her.

    Book-reading fans may remember this foreboding prophecy from A Clash of Kings. While in the House of the Undying in Qarth, Dany was told that she would experience three treasons during her life time: one for gold, one for blood, and one for love. 

    It has been theorized that she's already endured the first two treasons. The "blood treason" occurred when Mirri Maz Duur killed her unborn child, Rhaego, to save Khal Drogo's life. Following that betrayal, the "gold treason" came to light when it was revealed Jorah had been spying on Daenerys for Robert Baratheon. But what of the final betrayal? The treason for love? Could that last treason be the one that causes Daenerys to meet her maker? And will Jon be her betrayer?

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    She Will Die At The Hands Of Arya

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    Voting Closed: This did not happen.

    Melisandre once told Arya that she would "close" brown eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes. She slayed Walder Frey and his family, who had brown eyes. She stabbed the Night King, ending all of his blue-eyed wights' lives. Many believed the green eyes Melisandre referred to were Cersei's, but since she perished in the Red Keep with Jaime, who could Arya kill that falls under this description?


    While she is supposed to have the traditional Targaryen violet eyes in the books, in the TV show, she has green eyes. Arya barely escaped the fury unleashed by Dany and Drogon in King's Landing during "The Bells" (Season 8, episode 5), and maybe she has some choice words for the Mother of Dragons. 

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    There Will Probably Be Another Big Death

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    Voting Closed: This did not happen - Dany was the only major death in the series finale.

    Game of Thrones pulls no punches when it comes to shocking deaths. The fatality list is lengthy and full of people viewers could envision eventually sitting the Iron Throne. As Season 8 picks off fan favorites one by one, Dany remains.

    Yes, her main adversary, Cersei, perished in the Red Keep with her brother Jaime, but after that stint she pulled at King's Landing, she may have made a few more enemies.  

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    Dany Might Have Seen Her Own Death In A Vision

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    Voting Closed: Dany could still pass, but the White Walkers were defeated in Season 8, episode 3 ("The Long Night.")

    Redditor Try_Another_NO has a theory based on all the imagery in Dany's vision of the House of the Undying: It all foreshadows her untimely death. In the vision, Dany sees the Iron Throne and reaches out to touch it. Before she can lay a finger on the coveted seat, she's distracted by the sound of a dragon crying.

    She follows the sound and emerges at the gates of Castle Black. She goes through, walking beyond the Wall and into White Walker territory. She continues and finds a tent in the middle of the snowy landscape; she enters and finds her dead husband Khal Drogo and their unborn child waiting for her. Try_Another_No thinks this could all be a prophecy predicting she will battle the White Walkers, but die doing so. In the end, she will be reunited with her husband and stillborn child in the afterlife. 


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