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All The Reasons We Thought Daenerys Was Going To Die Before The Series Ends

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Before Season 8, most viewers probably thought Daenerys and her dragons were nearly invincible. But once the Night King launched an ice spear into the neck of the dearly departed (and icily resurrected) Viserion - and Euron slayed Rhaegal with his fleet of scorpions - it became clear the Mother of Dragons was as vulnerable as any being in Westeros or member of her family. Tyrion repeatedly reminds Dany that she's not invincible, and Daenerys herself has reminded viewers she's unable to conceive children and, therefore, continue her legacy. This has to be more than coincidence. So that leaves us with the question: How will Daenerys die? 

Now, we all know Game of Thrones loves to surprise its loyal fanbase with sudden deaths of major characters. As the series drew to a close, the audience prepared themselves for a few more shocking twists and untimely ends for our faves. There were more than a few Daenerys Targaryen theories floating around the internet that totally called she was going to die instead of take the throne.

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    Her Love For Jon Will Get Her Killed

    Her Love For Jon Will Get Her Killed
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    Voting Closed: This proved true in the series finale.

    The Season 8 premiere featured a fun dragon-riding date between Jon and Dany that ended with them finding a secluded part of the North by a waterfall. The two land and Dany says they "could stay a thousand years and no one would find us." Reddit user fanofthrones5555 pointed out after the episode that a very similar conversation happens between Jon and Ygritte.

    The two escape the cold north of The Wall in a cave and discover a hot spring. While the two get intimate – much like Jon and Dany do in the Season 8 premiere – Ygritte says "lets not go back. I don't ever want to leave this cave, Jon Snow." It was only a few episodes later that she was killed by Oliver during the Wildlings attack on the wall. The similarities are hard to ignore, and it could mean Dany is doomed to die.

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    She Might Follow In Her Father's Footsteps

    She Might Follow In Her Father's Footsteps
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    Voting Closed: This did not happen. Dany showed some delusions of grandeur, but Jon Snow killed her before she could truly become the Mad Queen.

    For many viewers, Daenerys is not a hero in this story at all, but rather the biggest villain in Game of Thrones. They think she'll follow in her father's footsteps and become her own "Mad Queen," reigning down fire and blood at the slightest provocation.

    If her behavior in Season 8 episode 5 ("The Bells") is any indication, she could already be indulging her... less rational tendencies. Even after her enemy dropped their swords, Daenarys felt compelled to scorch the earth and level King's Landing. To many, her attack conflicted with the ideals she set out to rule with: protect innocents, end enslavement, and to lead as a woman of the people. 

    Furthermore, House Targaryen is said to carry insanity in its blood. Remember Viserys? . Years of inbreeding may have had an adverse effect on Dany's mental state—not to mention increased paranoia. After all, she really does have thousands of enemies who want to destroy her bloodline. She could easily become the Mad Queen and suffer the same fate as her father, slain by one of her closest advisors on the precipice of a massacre. 

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    She May Be Killed As Part Of The Azor Ahai Prophecy

    She May Be Killed As Part Of The Azor Ahai Prophecy
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    Voting Closed: Jon kills Dany, but he is banished to the Night Watch. There is no mention of whether or not he is the Prince that was Promised.

    The seeds of a blossoming romance between Dany and Jon were planted in "Beyond the Wall," and their romance came to fruition late in Season 7. Either one of them could be the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, the prophesied hero who will save the world from darkness. In order to fulfill the prophecy, the subject must make a huge sacrifice—and if it follows history, the sacrifice will be romantic in nature.

    The original Azor Ahai forged his White Walker-defeating sword Lightbringer by plunging the blade into the chest of his wife, Nissa Nissa. If Jon Snow proves to be the Prince That Was Promised, and Daenerys is his one true love, then maybe he'll have to forge his own heroic sword by killing her. So far, it's unclear whether Dany or Jon will become the champion of light. After Season 8 episode 5 though, it is starting to feel like it will be the latter. 

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    Could Childbirth Kill Daenerys?

    Could Childbirth Kill Daenerys?
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    Voting Closed: This did not happen.

    With all the resurfaced discussion of Daenerys's supposed infertility, it's not out of the question that we might get a surprise Targaryen pregnancy before the series ends. Game of Thrones loves nothing more than a good twist. Maybe Jon Snow will beat the odds and give Daenerys the heir she's been reminding viewers she'll never have.

    While Daenerys's pregnancy would certainly be a shock, and likely a cause for celebration among the Taragryen loyalists, it doesn't bode well for Daenerys herself, especially if that baby shares Jon Snow's genetic makeup. Both Daenerys and Jon's mothers died while giving birth to them—and that's not to mention all the mess that happened the last time Daenerys went into labor.

    Unless there is a massive time jump, we won't see Dany give birth to this heir, but she could claim pregnancy to save herself from an upset Jon Snow. 

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