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All The Reasons We Thought Daenerys Was Going To Die Before The Series Ends

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Before Season 8, most viewers probably thought Daenerys and her dragons were nearly invincible. But once the Night King launched an ice spear into the neck of the dearly departed (and icily resurrected) Viserion - and Euron slayed Rhaegal with his fleet of scorpions - it became clear the Mother of Dragons was as vulnerable as any being in Westeros or member of her family. Tyrion repeatedly reminds Dany that she's not invincible, and Daenerys herself has reminded viewers she's unable to conceive children and, therefore, continue her legacy. This has to be more than coincidence. So that leaves us with the question: How will Daenerys die? 

Now, we all know Game of Thrones loves to surprise its loyal fanbase with sudden deaths of major characters. As the series drew to a close, the audience prepared themselves for a few more shocking twists and untimely ends for our faves. There were more than a few Daenerys Targaryen theories floating around the internet that totally called she was going to die instead of take the throne.

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    Tyrion Might Have Foreshadowed Her Death

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    Voting Closed: The Night King perished in Season 8 episode 3 ("The Long Night").

    Tyrion repeatedly points out that Dany is not invincible in "Beyond the Wall," and it seems especially pertinent now that she has ridden right into the heart of winter. She is no longer the only team with dragons—and the Night King can bring destruction like we've never seen before.

    Could Tyrion be foreshadowing Dany's untimely death, brought about by her reckless dragon-riding behavior? The Night King can drop dragons from the sky, not to mention resurrect them for his own use. It seems unlikely that Daenerys, a mere mortal with no other weapons to speak of, would be able to survive his magic. 


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    She Could Become The Night Queen

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    Voting Closed: The Night King perished in Season 8 episode 3 ("The Long Night").

    One reddit user thinks that Daenerys may die, but be resurrected by the Night King, becoming his queen. GoochyAmnesia spotted the similarities between Dany's appearance in the Season 2 episode "Valar Morghulis" and the Night's Queen, who appears in The World of Ice and Fire. This character is described as having "skin as white as the moon and eyes like blue stars." When Dany walks out through the Wall during her vision in the House of the Undying, she is pale, and her blue eyes are particularly striking. Maybe she'll go the way of Viserion: die and get resurrected by the Night King. 


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    Tyrion Could Betray Her

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    Voting Closed: Tyrion resigns from his position as the Queen's Hand and is imprisoned in the series finale.

    Redditor _Random_User_ thinks that Tyrion may be poised to betray Daenerys, especially considering the events of "The Spoils of War." Tyrion watches his brother Jaime on the battlefield, charging towards Daenerys with a spear.

    He's clearly concerned for Jaime's safety, and he keeps whispering, "Flee, you idiot." Could brotherly love supersede Tyrion's loyalty to the Mother of Dragons? Dany was not pleased with some of Tyrion's decisions during the beginning of Season 8, and in episode 5, she told him that his next mistake would be "his last." If she finds out he let Jaime go run to Cersei, this could be the nail in the coffin for Tyrion - but it could bring her down, too. 

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    Her Death Will Complete The Night King's Mission

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    After the North defeated the wights in Season 8 episode 3, many felt like the Walkers were built up for nothing. Even though they are seemingly out of the picture, some, like Redditor /u/Curious_W, thinks they needed to be defeated in order for the Night King's true goal to be met. The theory goes:

    The Night King fulfilled his purpose after all. In his death, the North with Danaerys march to King's Landing, destroy the city and the seat of power. They forever change the course of existence of man in Westeros. Westeros must rebuild from the ashes of this war of humans, meaning what it was in the past is finally gone. At the end, everything is the way it had to be. The Night King had to die for the Last War to take place. So he completed his own purpose as well.


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