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Which Gruesome 'Game Of Thrones' Death Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Quite a few of the deaths on Game of Thrones have been gory, brutal, and an emotional gut-punch. (Oberyn Martell! Hodor! Shireen!) Of course you may wonder which of those gory, brutal, emotional Games of Thrones death you are, because you’re a sadistic weirdo, but then it’s only natural to imagine yourself on your favorite show. You may also spend an exorbitant amount of time deciding exactly which Game of Thrones character you are or which Game of Thrones house you’d be in - after all, these are important questions.

Game of Thrones is a fictional world, so you’ll never actually meet one of the gruesome fates on the show. No one is real life has a Moon Door - that we know of - so some of those deaths are just straight up impossible. Still, you may want to know which iconic Game of Thrones death would be yours if only the show were real, and, like we said, you're a sadistic weirdo. Well, lucky you! We’ve matched the most gruesome, most memorable Game of Thrones deaths with zodiac signs. Also, don’t even think for a minute you’d be one of these characters who makes it all the way through Game of Thrones. Everyone dies and you would too.

  • Photo: Game of Thrones / HBO

    Aries is the sign of born leaders because they're brave, ambitious, and full of positive energy. Even if they don’t necessarily want the leadership position - although they usually do - they tend to somehow end up in charge of everyone. While Aries usually rules with an optimistic, fair, and confident mind, they also have some shortcomings as leaders. Aries can be short-tempered, impatient, moody, and aggressive. No one is saying that an Aries would be as poor a leader as Joffrey Baratheon; however, an Aries would surely meet their death because they dropped the ball as a leader. With great power comes, uh, a great death scene. Sorry Aries, but you're doomed to be poisoned at your wedding.

  • Photo: Game of Thrones / HBO

    Taurus is a reliable, loyal, and dedicated sign. Once they commit, they’re locked in for life. Though, this deep commitment to people, ideas, and movements can make Taurus stubborn and uncompromising. Taurus would rather die than go back on a commitment. Because of this, Taurus would go out just like Ser Rodrik Cassel, who was a loyal servant of House Stark. When Theon Greyjoy takes Winterfell, Rodrik not only refuses to bend to Theon, but he goes as far as to spit in Theon’s face. (Sassy Taurus!) Theon sentences Rodrik to death and beheads him, only it takes quite a few swings of Theon's sword to do the job. But hey, Rodrik died for loyalty, which is exactly what a Taurus would die for too.

  • Photo: Game of Thrones / HBO

    Gemini is a curious, social, and intellectual sign. They are charmers, who can easily adapt to nearly any new situation, although they can also be indecisive and inconsistent. (Don't take a Gemini's word, y'all.) Because of that, Gemini would totally die the death of those at the Red Wedding. The Red Wedding, after all, was a direct result of Robb Stark’s inability to follow through. He promised to marry a Frey woman, only to renege on the proposal and marry Talisa. Yes, Gemini is smart enough and flexible enough to get themselves out of quite a few unfortunate situations, but they would find themselves out of luck at the Red Wedding. You better keep to your commitments in Westeros, Gemini.

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Olenna Tyrell's Winning Exit

    Photo: Game of Thrones / HBO

    Crabby Cancer is sensitive, empathetic, and persuasive. They have their fingers on the pulse of their emotions and the emotions of everyone in the room. However, Cancer can also be moody, manipulative, and insecure. When they feel they've been let down by someone, they are likely to strike. So, Cancer would definitely go out like fabulous ol' Olenna Tyrell. No, it wasn’t one of the most physically gruesome deaths on the show, but Olenna was emotionally gruesome down to her dying breath. In fact, Olenna pretty much won her death scene by emotionally eviscerating Jaime Lannister, which is how a Cancer would play it. Like Olenna, Cancer would know who was going to kill them and plan a brutal parting present for the one doing the deed. You don't kill a Cancer without losing a bit of yourself.