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Which Gruesome 'Game Of Thrones' Death Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated 29 Mar 2018 9.2k views12 items

Quite a few of the deaths on Game of Thrones have been gory, brutal, and an emotional gut-punch. (Oberyn Martell! Hodor! Shireen!) Of course you may wonder which of those gory, brutal, emotional Games of Thrones death you are, because you’re a sadistic weirdo, but then it’s only natural to imagine yourself on your favorite show. You may also spend an exorbitant amount of time deciding exactly which Game of Thrones character you are or which Game of Thrones house you’d be in - after all, these are important questions.

Game of Thrones is a fictional world, so you’ll never actually meet one of the gruesome fates on the show. No one is real life has a Moon Door - that we know of - so some of those deaths are just straight up impossible. Still, you may want to know which iconic Game of Thrones death would be yours if only the show were real, and, like we said, you're a sadistic weirdo. Well, lucky you! We’ve matched the most gruesome, most memorable Game of Thrones deaths with zodiac signs. Also, don’t even think for a minute you’d be one of these characters who makes it all the way through Game of Thrones. Everyone dies and you would too.

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