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Game of Thrones Drinking Game

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Hmm... Maybe spoilers? Only if you already know what to look for. So don't go LOOKING for spoilers, and you'll be fine. The Game of Thrones drinking game is the perfect way for you and your friends (or just you...Tyrion's not gonna judge) to get drunk while watching the misery and mayhem unfolding on GoT. If you stay to the letter of this Game of Thrones drinking game, you may end up drunker than Ser Dontos at Joffrey's name day feast, but hey, you'll care a little less that the head of your favorite character now resides on a pike outside of the royal residence. 

How does the Game of Thrones drinking game work? Simply look for things typical of GoT to happen on the show (real-world stuff like deaths at weddings and frequent trips to the brothel) and drink according to the rules of that event. Events that occur more often than others (Tyrion's one liners, Hodor saying "Hodor") carry less severe drinking "penalties" while the major events in the show (deaths of main characters and such) are designed to feed you enough alcohol to forget what happened...at least until you go back and watch it again because you're just certain you dreamed about that gruesome poisoning in some kind of alcohol-addled fugue state.

If you want to, vote for the best ideas for drinking during Game of Thrones and take solace in the fact that fans all over the world are going to be yelling just as loudly as you when the bad stuff happens, but you'll at least have drunkenness to blame your outbursts on.
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    Tyrion One-Liner

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    One line? One drink!
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    Joke About Tyrion's Height

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    Jokes about Tyrion's imp stature are frequent, so you should probably take just a tiny sip each time you hear one.
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    A Lannister Pays His Debts

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    Any time a character makes his family promise, have a drink of the fanciest booze in the joint. If your bar consists of PBR and 2 Buck Chuck, shoot some rubbing alcohol (step up).
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    Someone Is Called a Bastard

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    Take a taste of someone else's drink since, you know, getting a piece of that-which-belongs-to-someone-else is what the business of bastards is all about.
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