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How Did The 'Game of Thrones' Finale Make You Feel?

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It's impossible to please everyone - or in the cases of some series finales, it proves nearly impossible to please anyone. The capstone of Game of Thrones' eighth and final season proved to be as divisive as the rest of the season, with reactions ranging from the angry to the bored to the rapturous. As far as the consensus goes, it probably won't go down as one of the greatest finales in TV history - though its record-setting ratings certainly earned it a hallowed place in HBO history.

Game of Thrones has been the topic of discussion on Sunday nights and Monday mornings - everywhere from workplaces to group chats to social media - for the better part of the last decade, which means there's no shortage of opinions about what went down in the finale. So it's time to put it to a vote: How did you feel about the way this pop-culture phenomenon ultimately came to an end?