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Game of Thrones GIFs from season 4 episode 5 are here! All the best GoT moments captured in GIF form so you can relive "First of His Name" over and over in 3-second clips. From the coronation of King Tommen to the c*ck blocking of Mama Cersei, there are myriad great moments from GoT season 4, episode 5 that now come in short, snarky GIFs.

This list of Game of Thrones GIFs from season 4 will make you shake your fist at the bad moments and pump it for the good ones, all while you enjoy seeing the things you were thinking the first time you saw the Game of Thrones episode "First of His Name".

Enjoy these funny Game of Thrones GIFs and look out for next week's episode, "The Laws of Gods and Men". If it's a GoT moment fit to be captured in GIF form, you'll find it here among some of the top Game of Thrones GIFs (from this episode).
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Hodor Knows Bullies

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I Brought You a Gift

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*Blushes HARD*

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