Total Nerd Insider Game Of Thrones Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Instagram  

Jessica Lawshe
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You can never have enough Game of Thrones. That’s why it’s so awesome when the cast and crew posts their own GoT behind-the-scenes photos, just like the ones on this list of Game of Thrones set photos from Instagram. Typically, the actors on GoT have to be pretty tight-lipped about what goes on behind the scenes, but luckily their Game of Thrones set photos exist so we can see what’s going on on those mysterious sets.

Just from the stars' Game of Thrones Instagram pictures, fans can tell that Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) are just as close as sisters in real life (they’ve even sparked a hashtag of their own: #Mophie) and the Lannisters actually love goofing off in between takes. Check out this list of Game of Thrones set photos from Instagram and vote up your favorite pictures. 

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Lannisters Goofing Around


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Oberyn Martell And The Mountain Are Buds


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Stark Reunion For Season 7


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Stark Sister Love

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