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36 Super Cool Game of Thrones Locations You Can Really Visit

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You might think that Game of Thrones - with its medieval setting and fantastical stories of sorcery and dragons - would not have many real life locations to visit, but you'd be wrong. Although the scenery on the HBO show is often as epic as the story lines, a lot of the exteriors and outdoor scenes are shot in very real locations in places like Iceland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Malta, Spain, and Croatia. What are the coolest Game of Thrones filming locations you can visit?

Do you want to propose to your own Khalessi by the Azure Window where Drogo and Daenerys got married? It's a real place. You can also see the fortress where Ned Stark was beheaded, the beech tree-lined road where Arya Stark went on the run, and more of the picturesque locations that we've come to know as King's Landing, Winterfell, the North, the Iron Islands and so on.

Which Game of Thrones location is number one on your must-visit list? Vote for your favorite real life locations of Westeros and Essos and start planning an adventure of your own.
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    The Wedding of Daenerys and Drogo Took Place Here

    Daenerys and Drogo were married in view of a naturally formed limestone arch. It is called the Azure Window and is located on the Maltese island of Gozo, which is very popular with scuba divers. You can also see the Azure Window in movies like Clash of the Titans and The Count of Monte Cristo.
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    The Mountains Sansa Stark Journeyed Past in Season Five

    Most of season five of Game of Thrones was shot in Spain, but you'll notice the topography looks a lot different for the scenes involving Sansa Stark. The Cliff Edge of Binevenagh Mountain is located in Northern Ireland between County Londonderry and County Antrim.
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    Walk the Fortifications Surrounding Western King's Landing

    On Game of Thrones, King's Landing is shown as being fortified on its western side by stone walls. The walls of the city of Ston, Croatia are used for these shots.
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    Daenerys Ruled Over the Walled City of Astapor

    In Game of Thrones, Daenerys brought her antislavery philosophy to the walled city of Astapor. Astapor is actually Essaouira on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. The fishing port is known for its fortified wall and for being a '60s hippie haven.
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