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22 Names from Game of Thrones That Are Gaining in Popularity

List RulesNot unlike the dragons of Essos, the popularity of names from Game of Thrones is sky high! Vote up your faves from the show.

Wondering what the best Game of Thrones names are? Parents are increasingly choosing to give their kids pop culture names. Beyond role-playing or writing fan fiction, the ultimate way to show your devotion to your favorite show is to bestow your child with an awesome fictional name. And why not? It’s a great way to honor your favorite character and avoid saddling your baby with a boring moniker. Of all the shows from which you can cull a great baby name, Game of Thrones has got to be the best. The HBO juggernaut is chock-full of unique names that have a fantastical, melodic sound to them.

You may wonder if it’s practical to give your child a Game of Thrones name like Khaleesi or Sansa. Maybe not, but compared to popular celebrity baby name choices like Reign, North, or Wyatt, it's not a stretch. 

Game of Thrones is likely to remain popular well after the final episode has aired -- which means the number of babies with Game of Thrones names like Arya and Doran is only going to go up, filling future classrooms and playgrounds with the most awesome names around. Can't you hear it now? "Daenerrrrrryssss! Time for supper!" or "Sandor! Stop throwing sand in your sister's face!"

Are you trendy enough name your kid after this show? Or after any television show? Vote for your favorite names from Game of Thrones!

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    The rough-and-tumble role played by Maisie Williams has inspired so many parents that Arya has become fastest growing girls’ name in the country. In fact, 343 newborns were given the name in England and Wales in 2017. 

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    Always a fave, Catelyn's already firm hold on popularity is assured to continue...even if Catelyn Tully Stark already met her maker. In 2012, 76 babies were given the name with this particular spelling.

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    It's not a top 1,000 name yet, but you definitely could do a lot worse than naming your child after the Mother of Dragons — Daenerys “Dany” Targaryen — played by Emilia Clarke. Since Game of Thrones hit the tv screens, 108 babies have been named Daenerys as opposed to zero before that

    In 2017, 76 baby girls in the UK were name Khaleesi. 

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    The name of the eldest Stark is a Sanskrit word which means “charm” — fitting for an elegant princess. The first baby girl named Sansa was registered in the Babycentre UK Top 100 names poll of 2013.

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