Total Nerd This Artist Made Game Of Thrones Characters Look Like Straight-Up 1930s Gangsters  

Crystal Brackett
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HBO's Game of Thrones has been one television's most talked-about sci-fi thrill rides since its debut in 2011, loaded thick to the brim with dragons, medieval fantasy, and tons of dramatic character fatalities (SPOILER ALERT: Don't get too attached to anyone; you'll regret it). What better way to put a cherry on top of this all-out action and adventure sundae than by adding yet another awesome layer of fiction on top? Through some seriously cool Game of Thrones fan art, amazingly talented artist Ricean Vlad paints up the cruel cast as 1930s gangsters, making them an entourage of powerful thugs.

In an epic display of marvelous creativity, his Game of Thrones characters fan art transports the beloved and dramatic group into a world without White Walkers, adorning them in tuxedos and flapper dresses and most likely preparing them for their next big heist. Brace yourself for gun barrels and gangsters, because this fan art of Game of Thrones is about to take you on a wild ride.

These are not the Game of Thrones heroes and villains like you have ever seen them before. Make sure to vote up your favorite recreated characters, the ones you feel truly conform to the '30s aesthetic.