15 Sure-Fire Game Of Thrones Pick Up Lines

Game of Thrones pick up lines are those geeky slices of nerddom that will make fans of GoT giggle and maybe even blush a little. These cheesy pickup lines from Game of Thrones will delight fans, mystify the uninitiated, and probably make you giggle a little. If you're looking for classic pickup lines, you best look outside of the seven kingdoms.

How does Hodor pick up chicks? What does it take to slay Jaime Lannister? IS impin' easy? Check out these Game of Thrones pickup lines and you will soon find out. Make sure to use these lines only on fans of GoT, or you may end up with some seriously blank faces or perhaps a drink in yours. And make sure to vote for your favorite Game of Thrones inspired pick-up lines (especially if they get you past the wall, if you get the drift).