Total Nerd Important Things You Forgot Happened on Game of Thrones  

Michael Graff
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HBO's Game of Thrones might not have thousands of pages to pack with details like the books on which it's based, but there are more than enough tidbits to keep diehard fans interested. Moving between a number of royal families and their scattered retainers, each episode builds up several dense storylines filled with complex webs of information and intrigue.

There are plenty of major developments that viewers all remember, highlights from each season that stick in their brains. But there might be just as many things you forget about Game of Thrones. Moments in between the battles and explosions that were filled with important details all the same. Or perhaps some lighter moments, quietly funny pauses that broke up the doom and gloom.

If you're looking to understand the story and the characters of the show a little better, here are all the things you forgot happened on GoT.

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It's All Littlefinger's Fault

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For four seasons, viewers believed that the Lannisters had murdered Jon Arryn, King Robert's Hand before Ned and Lysa Arryn's husband. But in this WTF moment in Season 4, Lysa lovingly recounted her conspiracy with Littlefinger. It turned out that Littlefinger urged Lysa to poison her own husband, then write a letter to Catelyn Stark saying the Lannisters did it! So really, Littlefinger instigated the suspicion that would boil into war between the Lannisters and the Starks. Slimy creep.

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Olyvar Screwed Everybody

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Remember this totally twisted arrangement of marriages that got going in Season 3? Well, the reason it kicked off is because the Lannisters discovered that Olenna was planning to marry Sansa to Loras Tyrell. They rearranged all the marriages to keep the chips in their family's favor. But how did they find out? Through the grapevine, of course, as Loras blabbed to Olyvar (who he was fooling around with) who blabbed to Littlefinger who blabbed to Cersei.

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Ser Barristan Quit Like A Boss

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Ser Barristan Selmy was one of the most famous knights in the Seven Kingdoms and the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard for the Mad King and King Robert Baratheon. Cersei dismissed Ser Barristan at the end of Season 1 because she knew he and Ned Stark had been friends. She gave the court an excuse that it was time for him to retire, but Ser Barristan let them know what he thought of that in epic fashion. Barristan the Bold indeed.
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Jaime Saved Brienne From Getting Raped

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While Brienne was taking Jaime back to King's Landing on Catelyn Stark's orders, they were captured by Locke and his band of Bolton mercenaries. Being mercenaries, with no dignified witnesses, they started to take advantage of Brienne, even though she put up a big fight. Jaime convinced Locke that she could be a valuable cash-in if delivered unharmed. Viewers later learned that Tarth is in fact not rich in sapphires, so Jaime lied to save Brienne.