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Important Things You Forgot Happened on Game of Thrones

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HBO's Game of Thrones might not have thousands of pages to pack with details like the books on which it's based, but there are more than enough tidbits to keep diehard fans interested. Moving between a number of royal families and their scattered retainers, each episode builds up several dense storylines filled with complex webs of information and intrigue.

There are plenty of major developments that viewers all remember, highlights from each season that stick in their brains. But there might be just as many things you forget about Game of Thrones. Moments in between the battles and explosions that were filled with important details all the same. Or perhaps some lighter moments, quietly funny pauses that broke up the doom and gloom.

If you're looking to understand the story and the characters of the show a little better, here are all the things you forgot happened on GoT.

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    Bran's Visions Started To Fill In The Gaps Of Jon Snow's History

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    Ever since Game of Thrones was just a book, Jon Snow's mysterious history has been one of the hottest topics of fan speculation. After years of discussion, fans seem to be getting closer and closer to discerning how Jon's past will play into his future. However, it was only in Bran's visions of Ned Stark's past that a concrete picture began to emerge. With help from the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran experienced Jon's birth, Lyanna's death, and an inaudible secret exchanged between Lyanna and her beloved brother Ned. You better believe that fans already have theories about that one, too.

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    Sansa Covered For Littlefinger

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    The Lords of the Vale were suspicious of Littlefinger when Lysa Arryn took a fatal step through the Moon Door. They thought they could nail him with Sansa as their ace in the hole, but her emotional testimony painted Littlefinger as innocent. She lied to protect Littlefinger, letting both of them keep their places of power as Season 4 closed.

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    Who Runs The World? Girls

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    In Season 6, viewers didn't have to rely on Daenerys to represent the "fairer sex" on the battlefield. In ever increasing numbers, women made big moves on both sides of the age-old battle for Westeros. From Yara Greyjoy stepping up to fight for her house, to Ellaria Sand declaring that weak men will never rule Dorne again, to Cersei taking a seat on the Iron Throne, women took care of business in ways that fans hadn’t seen before. Nowhere was this exhibited with more ferocity and fun than with Lyanna Mormont, a little girl who proved she was braver than her fellow heads of house combined.

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    Hodor And The The Time-Travel Paradox

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    Hodor's door-holding death was one of the most emotional scenes of the series to date. However, if you think about it too deeply, your head may explode - not from grief, but from confusion. Hodor's death may have illustrated a time-travel paradox involving the origin of Hodor's name from his repetition of the phrase, "Hold the door!" Whether time is cyclical or linear in the Seven Kingdoms, Bran's time-traveling visions into the past might have severe ramifications for the Game of Thrones universe in the future. 

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