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Listen, if you're not caught up on "Game of Thrones" season 4 yet, DO NOT LOOK AT THIS LIST! Why, you ask? 


Are you still reading? Are you thoroughly aware that spoilers will follow? Ok, you've been warned.

Ding done, the king is dead! Joffrey is no more! It's a glorious day for fans of GoT and residents of Westeros alike as Joffrey's wedding to Lady Margaery of House Tyrell ended in death. His death. His merciless, poisoning death. And it. Was. AWESOME.

If you're a regular viewer/reader of "Game of Thrones", this was one of the most singularly gratifying things that has ever happened in the story and the internet took no pause in expressing their gleeful reactions to Joffrey's death at the Purple Wedding. These are the best reactions to the Purple Wedding and the death of King Joffrey (prick.) the internet has come up with (so far).
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Unlike MOST Men
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Arya and the Hound React

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How to Get Jamie Running

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Other Fantasy Universes Join in the Celebration

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