Total Nerd Game of Thrones Recap: S4E5 First of His Name  

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WARNING: The following recap contains spoilers for all previous episodes of the HBO series "Game of Thrones" Nothing from the book series or the "Next Time On" episode preview will be discussed.

A new king has been crowned in King's Landing as everyone tries to return to normalcy the best that they can. Meanwhile, Jon Snow and the Night's Watch head to Craster's Keep to finally take down the murderous mutineers. Another eventful episode of HBO's "Game of Thrones" has passed, and once again we're here once again to give you a scene-by-scene breakdown Season 4 Episode 5, "First of His Name," which aired May 5, 2014 - what happened, what we learned, and what you may have missed.

Long May He Reign

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As his evil brother's death begins to fade from people's memory, Tommen Baratheon is finally officially crowned King. Margaery clearly made an impression with her creepy bedtime visit to Tommen's room, and the boy is smitten. He will be much easier for her to manipulate than Joffrey, who even Cersei admits would have been a "nightmare." After seasons of watching Cersei accept Joffrey's brutality, it was refreshing to hear her admit that his actions shocked her. She loved her son, but she knew what he was. As much as Cersei hates the Tyrells, she now knows she needs them, and making friends with Margaery is the first step.

What did we learn?
 -Seeing Ned Stark in the "Previously on Game of Thrones" segment was strange. It seems like so long ago that he was in our lives.

10,000 Men Can't Conquer Westeros

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Back in Meereen, Dany is just learning of King Joffrey's death. Even though this is good news, Jorah and her advisers remind her that they still are not strong enough to take over. Even with their newly acquired ships, they need enough influence to keep the kingdom from rioting when she returns. In fact, most of the places Dany conquered to acquire her army of freed slaves have gone back to corruption and slave-trading in her absence. The Mother of Dragons may need to make sure things are in order where she is now before she travels somewhere else.

What did we learn?
-Daario is still charming the pants off of Khaleesi, whether she likes it or not.

Another Wedding

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It turns out Littlefinger has been busier than we knew. Before marrying Lysa Arryn, he convinced her to poison her husband and blame it on the Lannisters. Both he and Margaery have learned the art of marrying your way to the top, but much like Margaery, Petyr Baelish is going to have to deal with his fair share of crazy in this marriage. Lysa welcomes her niece Sansa with open arms. Finally Sansa is in a place where she can feel safe, even if it means dealing with some really loud sex noises in the other room.

What did we learn?
 -Don't spend too much money on a gift for Lysa's son.

The Iron Bank Is a Temple

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Back in King's Landing, Cersei speaks to to Tywin about her impending marriage to Ser Loras Tyrell and Margaery's marriage to Tommen. Her sudden openness to the idea may have something to do with her father's involvement in Tyrion's trial for Joffrey's murder. Her attempt to butter her father up fails, however, and he refuses to discuss the trial at all. He also drops the bombshell that the Lannisters' gold reserves are running low and their mines have dried up. The Lannisters now need the Tyrells and their cash more than ever.

What did we learn?
-Tywin says that the Iron Bank is an indestructible fortress, but Davos seems to think otherwise based on his brainstorm in a previous episode.