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Rhune Kincaid
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Have you ever been watching Game of Thrones and heard a character spout some weird one-liner and everyone seems to understand but you're clueless? Or has a character made a weird gesture, or, say, burned another character at the stake for reasons that simply aren't clear to you?

Chances are they're practicing one of the many fictional religions of the world of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. While Westeros and King's Landing are dominated by The Faith, Essos is crawling with too any localized micro-religions to even list. The fractured relationship between Northern and Southern Westeros comes in part because the Northerners worship a whole different set of Gods. Religiously speaking, Ned Stark and the people of Winterfell have more in common with wildlings than they have with the Targaryan, Baratheon, or (who are we kidding) Lannister lineages.

So, to understand the world, you need to understand its religions. There are eight religions practiced by major characters, so let's focus on those, but there are many smaller ones throughout the known world. There are divisions within each religion (just ask Cersei after she's imprisoned by her own choice of High Septon), but to keep things clear, we'll just focus on the overriding doctrines. That should make it easy for you to decide which religion in Game of Thrones is most worth following!
The Old Gods of the Forest is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Game of Thrones Religions Worth Believing In
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The Old Gods of the Forest

Motto: "By the Old Gods and the New" 


Innumerable nature gods

Geographic Area:
 Northern Westeros and Beyond the Wall

Notable Followers: 
Ned Stark, Santa Stark, Roose Bolton, Jorah Mormont

Weirdest Ritual: Northerners pray in front of weirwoods, which are special kinds of trees with weird faces that appear to bleed.
The Many-Faced God of Death is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Game of Thrones Religions Worth Believing In
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The Many-Faced God of Death

Motto: "Valar morghulis," meaning "All men must die"

Faceless Men

The faceless men consider all other gods to be disguises worn by their Many-Faced God

Geographic Area:

Notable Followers: 
Jaqen H'ghar

Weirdest Ritual:
 People who have had enough simply walk into the House of Black and White, poison themselves, and die on the floor.
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The Faith

Motto: "May the [insert God name here] [insert whatever that God does here] you." (Example: "May the Father protect you.")

Septons and Septas led by The High Septon

The Seven (The Father, The Mother, The Maiden, The Crone, The Warrior, The Smith, and The Stranger)

Geographic Area:
 Southern Westeros

Notable Followers: 
The High Sparrow, Cersei Lannister, Margaery Tyrell

Weirdest Ritual: As penance for a religious crime, sinners are forced to perform a "walk of shame." They walk naked through the streets to be beaten and berated.
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The Drowned God

Motto: "What is dead may never die"


The Drowned God, The Storm God

Geographic Area:
Exclusively practiced on the Iron Islands

Notable Followers:
Theon Greyjoy, Yara Greyjoy, Balon Greyjoy

Weirdest Ritual: To become a priest of the Drowned God, you must come back to life from the sea... and not symbolically. You have to die from drowning and be resuscitated.