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Everything That Happened In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 2: 'A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms'

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Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 2, is called "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms," but it might as well be called "the calm before the storm." The episode takes places entirely at Winterfell as everyone prepares for the fight against the army of the dead. It's a lot of setup for the big battle waiting the warriors.

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    Jaime Knights Brienne

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    Brienne of Tarth has a new title: Ser Brienne of Tarth. While sitting around a fire with Jaime, Tormund, Tyrion, Davos, and Podrick, Brienne mentions that women can't be knights. When Tormund asks why, Brienne replies, "Tradition."

    But, faced with near-impossible odds against an army of the dead, it doesn't seem like tradition matters too much anymore. Jaime bestows the honor upon Brienne, making her a knight - the first woman knight that we know of, to boot.

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    Jon Tells Dany His Real Name

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    “My name - my real name - is Aegon Targaryen.”

    Just like that, Jon shatters Dany's world. Her belief that she is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne has fueled her entire story arc on Game of Thrones and, in an instant, she realizes she is not. As she tells Jon, he's the last male heir, which invalidates her claim to the throne. Something like anger flashes across her face - and then the White Walkers show up.

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    Jaime Joins The Army At Winterfell

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    Jaime arrives at Winterfell, asking to fight with their army. Daenerys is suspicious, mainly because he has shown up alone - and he confirms that Cersei's army isn't coming. Tyrion defends his brother, which only makes Dany angrier.

    Finally, Brienne vouches for Jaime, Sansa declares she trusts Brienne, and Jon sides with his sister. Daenerys isn't happy.

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    Tormund Says The White Walkers Are Less Than A Day Away

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    When Tormund and Edd arrive at Winterfell, they bring some bleak news: the dead will be there "before the sun comes up tomorrow." This leaves the leadership at Winterfell little time to plan; they cobble together a quick strategy, acknowledging that they're vastly outnumbered and their only chance of winning lies in killing the Night King.

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