'Game Of Thrones' Scenes You Should've Paid More Attention To 

Lisa Waugh
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Game of Thrones is a mysterious show, constantly surprising and disturbing unsuspecting fans. But if one looks closely, there are many hidden symbols and hints about the future of the show. Sometimes you only need to re-watch certain episodes in order to learn clues about future events and who'll finally sit on the Iron Throne. For example, Bran tells a story about a wicked king that is tricked into eating his own son. And then, Bran's sister, Arya, feeds the treacherous Walder Frey a pie of his own dead children. If you paid attention during Season 3 and Season 6, you might have expected that.

Clever fans tend to easily pick up on the more apparent foreshadowing incidents, but other more cryptic scenes can be enlightening as well. Remember the two children that Theon killed and claimed were the youngest Stark sons? Well those are actually Varys's little birds - spies that can no longer do their master's bidding because they're dead. Scenes like these are impossible to decipher unless you watch the GOT episodes more than once.

There are so many hidden gems in Game of Thrones. You may think you know everything about George R. R. Martin's fictional universe, but, truly, you have no idea. Get ready for more than a few show spoilers.

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Benjen’s Carving at Castle Black?
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Some sharped-eyed fans caught this one during an early exchange between Jon and Samwell. In a shot that featured Jon, the initials “R.L” are carved into a post. 
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Arya’s Acting Advice to Lady Crane
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Imnotlikeanyofyou nailed this one. When Arya is telling Lady Crane how she would react if she lost someone she loved (for the scene where LC plays Cersei crying over Joffrey’s body), she’s talking about her father. And what set her on the path she’s on. 
She says, “She loved him more than anything, and he was taken from her before she could say goodbye. She wouldn’t just cry. She would be angry. She would want to kill the person who did this to her.” When Lady Crane asks her if she likes to pretend to be other people, Arya says,“ I have to go. My father is waiting for me.” 
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The Hound’s Foreshadows Meryn Trant’s Death
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Meryn Trant was on Arya's hit list for a while. He stripped and beat Sansa and he most likely killed Syrio Forel, Arya's tutor, in an unfair fight. The Hound gives Arya a bit of insight about Trant, though. And he gives a hint about where Trant will be when Arya finally kills the treacherous knight. 

When the youngest Stark daughter claims that no one is "worse than" the Hound, the accused says: 

There are many men worse than me. Men who like to beat little girls. Men who like to rape them…

Later, Trant shows up in Braavos and Arya follows him to a brothel where he strikes young girls. It seems like he may continue on with the abuse in other ways, but Arya brutally slays him, putting an end to evildoings for good.

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Ghost’s Fur Color = R+L=J
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This one has been around for a while, but it’s time to bring it up again. Ned finds the direwolf pups symbolizing his orphaned kids, foreshadowing his and Robert Baratheon’s death. Jon gets the white direwolf runt who grows up to be anything but. Ghost is white. Targaryens are known for their white hair. Jon’s parents are Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. It’s a whole thing that needs to be confirmed about now. 
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