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Everything That Happened In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 4: 'The Last Of The Starks'

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With the Battle of Winterfell over and the Night King dead, Dany, Jon, and the rest of the forces in the North turn to their final challenge: Cersei. There is obviously much to celebrate after the Battle of Winterfell, what with stopping the apocalypse and all. Many characters pair off in the immediate aftermath, while others crash and burn in the attempt. But it isn't all light-hearted. The episode also features some goodbyes – a few heartfelt ones in the north and a couple of bloodier ones in the south thanks to Cersei and Euron.

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    Arya And The Hound Leave For King's Landing

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    The Hound tries to sneak out of Winterfell alone, but Arya finds him just south of the fort. She asks if he was trying to sneak away and he says he has some unfinished business in King's Landing (Cleganebowl, anyone?) and Arya says she does as well. They both reveal they don't expect to come back.

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    The North Bury Their Dead

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    With the Battle for Winterfell over, the North is put to the depressing job of burying their dead. Dany is seen whispering into Jorah's ear while Sansa cries over Theon's body before pinning a sigil of House Stark to his shirt. Dearly departed Dolorous Edd gets what he wanted – along with all the dead Unsullied, Dothraki, and Northerners – when they burn the dead who fell to the Night King's army. As Jon says, they were the shield that guarded the realms of men.

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    The Starks Have A Family Meeting

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    After squaring away a battle plan to take out Cersei, the Starks – Jon, Arya, Sansa, and Bran – have a meeting in the Godswood. Arya says she's thankful for what Dany did for providing help against the White Walkers, but none of them trust her. Bran says it's Jon's choice – very ominously. Jon asks for an oath of secrecy to his sisters before revealing to them that he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

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    Dany Wants Gendry To Rule Storm's End

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    After the bodies are burned, Gendry wants nothing more than to talk with Arya. Before he gets a chance, Dany calls him out in front of everyone at the hall. She reveals she knows he is Robert Baratheon's son and surprises the room by declaring him no longer a bastard, but a lord. She gives him the rule of Storm's End as a thank you for being one of the heroes of Winterfell – and more sneakily as a move to get more people on her side.

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