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The may be no season of television in the history of the medium that is more hotly anticipated than the final season of Game of Thrones. Despite seven action-packed seasons already, the list of mysteries and unanswered questions on Game of Thrones is still quite long, which means that fan theories about Season 8 of Game of Thrones are already clogging up the internet pipes. The massive world created by George RR Martin has always welcomed fan speculation through its sheer scope and depth, but now everyone has zeroed in on the end game, and for good reason.

How will Game of Thrones end? Only the showrunners, and Martin himself, know for sure, but hardcore Westeros devotees have no shortage of ideas. However, with the amount of storylines and loose ends that still need to be tied up, everyone can be assured that fans have yet to predict absolutely everything, and that there will still be plenty of surprises for Jon, Daenerys, and the gang.

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Jon’s Going To Mount A Literal Dragon, Too

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Season 7 ended with the long-awaited hookup between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, but fans have also been waiting for Jon to climb on top of a literal dragon as a true display of his Targaryen history. There have been some hints of it throughout the series, but Reddit user No_conspicuity thinks they know how it will be going down.

A Song of Ice and Fire lore tells that no dragonrider can ever ride two different dragons. There’s a dramatic scene in Season 7 in which Jon nearly mounts Drogon to escape from the White Walker army, but he breaks away at the last second to charge at his foes. No_conspicuity theorizes that this was because Jon is destined to ride a different dragon, most likely Rhaegal, and him having previously played passenger on Drogon would ruin that.

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Cleganebowl Is Finally Coming

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No fan theory in the history of A Song of Ice and Fire has been more-hyped than the potentially upcoming fight-to-the-death between The Hound and The Mountain - more properly known as Cleganebowl. Such a monumental battle surely belongs in the series’ final season, leading many, like DigitalSpy’s Sarah James, to speculate that Season 8 will bring the fraternal clash fans have been clamoring for. When Sandor and Gregor Clegane locked eyes during the Season 7 finale, Sandor told his brother: “You know who's coming for you. You've always known.”

There are a few different interpretations for what that quote might mean, but the simplest is that The Hound is the one who is coming, and it’s time to get hype[d].

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Cersei Lannister Screwed Up By Paying Her Debts

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“A Lannister always pays their debts,” is a classic Game of Thrones catchphrase, but it could prove cruelly ironic for Cersei if Reddit user FellatioNelson’s fan theory is correct. Season 7 saw Cersei finally pay off the kingdom’s debt to the Iron Bank of Braavos, something that banker Tycho Nestoris mentions even her father, Tywin, couldn’t do.

As the theorists explains: “This is her big mistake, Tywin was no fool and he knew that while the Lannisters were in debt to the Bank, the Bank had a vested interest in their success. By paying the debt in full Cersei has allowed Tycho to wash his hands of the Lannisters altogether. After what we saw on the battlefield we have a good idea whose position is strongest and who the Bank would like to back. This clearly contributes to the dire situation in Kings Landing with no grain and limited supplies... The irony of this theory is in this case the Lannisters are undone by paying their debt.”

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Jaime Is Still Definitely Going To Kill Cersei

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The theory that Jaime Lannister will kill Cersei, his twin sister and long-time lover, has been popular among the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom for decades, and it’s still entirely possible it will occur in the show’s final season. The relationship between Jaime and Cersei stayed relatively strong and stable until the finale of Season 7, where Cersei’s arrogant actions finally drove Jaime away, possibly for good.

The list of evidence that this is Cersei’s ultimate fate is so lengthy that it would almost be disappointing if she died in any other way. Now that Jaime’s motivation has clearly been established, fans will be sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for it to happen in Season 8.

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