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The Objectively Worst Decisions In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8

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The characters in Game of Thrones are constantly plotting, scheming, and making choices - and sometimes those choices aren't necessarily the most advantageous. The show's final season has been filled with countless questionable decisions: why did Jon abandon Ghost? Why was the planning for the Battle of Winterfell so ineffective? Why does anybody trust anybody in Westeros?

We've gathered some of the worst decisions made in the final season. Vote up which ones you found the most frustrating.

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    Daenerys Didn't Scout With Dragons For Potential Ambushes

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    Dragons can be more advantageous than blunt objects used to eliminate enemies. If Dany used them - and their powers of flight - to her advantage, she might have avoided a lot of catastrophe, like the loss of Rhaegal to an ambush by Euron and the Golden Company.

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    The Heroes Positioned Troops In Front Of The Fire Trenches At The Battle Of Winterfell

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    Jon's battle plan against the White Walkers had plenty of flaws, but the biggest mistake was probably positioning the Dothraki and Unsullied on one side of the army's fiery trenches and the safety of Winterfell's walls on the other.

    Wouldn't lighting the fires immediately and letting the troops pick off wights as they climbed through the flames have been a more effective strategy?

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    Dany Burned Down King's Landing

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    After years of travel and hardship – not to mention eight seasons of a TV show – Dany finally found herself in front of King's Landing with an army ready to take back her throne. The actual battle went much smoother than anyone expects, but when the bells sounded and and the city's surrender happening, Dany decided she would just burn everything to the ground – including the innocent lives within. For someone who claimed time and again that she wouldn't be like her father, or reign as queen of the ashes, she changed course pretty fast.

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    Daenerys Didn't Let The Fighters Rest Before Heading To King's Landing

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    The Northerners, Unsullied, and Dothraki just finished fighting the embodiment of death and stopped the apocalypse, so why can't they take a break? Dany demands a near immediate march south to King's Landing, and what can the armies do but obey their queen?

    Even Cersei points out that her armies are fresh while Dany's are battered and tired.

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