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23 Epic Side Eyes from "Game of Thrones"

The most epic side eyes on "Game of Thrones" underscore the fact that the game being played is full of shady business, deceit, and morally bankrupt characters. Akin to the best celebrity side eyes, the folks on GoT throw side eye shade like they saw winter was coming. 

For those unfamiliar with side eyes on Game of Thrones, they are meant to express displeasure with a person or situation, and they happen frequently. From Cersei staring down Margaery (and vice versa) to Catelyn playing Mama Bear to Sansa's frequent looks of disdain (don't be fooled by this listing of examples; the men of GoT throw plenty of sideeye themselves), there are plentiful examples of epic side eyes on this list of Game of Thrones sideeye action. 

Make sure to check out the best side eyes on Game of Thrones, and vote for the ones that could turn you to stone or send you running for the Wall.
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    I Don't Like the Way You're Looking at My Sister

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    Not Queen, KHALEESI

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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    I Don't Like the Looks of That Ice Wall

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    You Can Have Him, Margaery

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