All the Swords in GoT (And What You Should Know About Them) 

Lisa Waugh
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Yield! There are sharp, pointy SPOILERS on this Game of Thrones swords list.

The Game of Thrones swords give many clues as to the fates of their owners. Ned Stark’s sword, Ice, may hold a key to the importance of House Stark. Possibly they defended the Children of the Forest against other First Men, wielding Ice. And possibly they gave the Children refuge in their godswood and kept to the worship of the old gods to honor them. Maybe this is why those who are against the Starks have terrible things happen to them if they wield what’s left of Ice.

The Lannisters have had some pretty terrible luck with swords, having lost Tommen II and Brightroar in the ruins of Valyria. Gerion Lannister went in search of the Valyrian steet sword and was never heard from again. Once Tywin got his hands on Ned Stark’s Ice (also made of Valyrian steel), things didn’t go well for the Lannisters. Hopefully King Tommen will use Widow’s Wail for good and possibly even rename it (or return it to a Stark). Brienne is wielding Oathkeeper and defending a Stark so she’ll probably fair better, at least with the gods.  

Not all Game of Thrones swords are equal. The ones made from Valyrian steel are especially important and valuable because they are spell-forged. Others are even more special. Azor Ahai reforged Lightbringer hundreds times, finally thrusting the blade through his beloved wife’s heart and wielding it to help end the Long Night. And there are very few left in the world. So Sam taking Heartsbane is a big deal. He knows it can kill White Walkers and he knows that his pop is coming for him. And he's not afraid. Go, Sam, go! Also, run Sam, run!

The swords on Game of Thrones, in the books, and featured in the Tell Tale game series Iron from Ice bespeak of the bravery, cowardice, and heartbreak of the great houses. Ned must kill Ser Arthur Dayne when he comes to take back his sister Lyanna. He takes Ser Arthur’s sword back to House Dayne at Starfall, knowing that such swords should be returned to their rightful owners.

And then there’s Arya’s Needle. Jon had the rapier forged at Winterfell for his slight sister. She’s made good use of it since, killing more than a couple of bad guys with it. You think Jon will be proud? Which is the most important Game of Thrones sword? Vote it up!
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Longclaw is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list All the Swords in GoT (And What You Should Know About Them)
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Owners: Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, Ser Jorah Mormont, Jon Snow

Material: Valyrian steel

History: House Mormont had the sword for five centuries. Jeor Mormont gave it to his son Ser Jorah when he went to take the black. After Jorah disgraced House Mormont when he tried to sell poachers into slavery to cover his wife’s expensive taste, he sent Longclaw to his father at the Wall. Jon Snow was given the sword by Lord Commander Jeor, after Jon saved him from a wight. He replaced the bear pommel (the house sigil for House Mormont) with the direwolf.
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Ice is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list All the Swords in GoT (And What You Should Know About Them)
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Owners: Ned Stark, Ser Illyn Payne, Tywin Lannister, Joffrey Lannister, Brienne of Tarth

Valyrian steel

History: The sword was forged with magic in the former Valyrian Freehold around 400 years before Robert Baratheon’s rule. It has been described as “dark as smoke” and wide as a man’s hand, and “about as tall as an adolescent Robb Stark.” Ser Illyn Payne used Ice to behead Ned. Payne kept it until Tywin had Tobho Mott, a Volentene, re-forge it into two longswords, Widow’s Wail and Oathkeeper.

Here’s a theory about the Starks and the Children of the Forest and why Ice is important: 

Possibly the Starks, who were First Men, saw the slaughter of the Children and stepped in to defend them against other First Men and the Andals. A Stark ancestor protected the Children using this sword and gave the Children shelter in their godswood. They made their own pact with the CotF to protect them through the ages. This is why they seek out Bran, a greenseer, who can help them defeat the White Walkers. Tommen has Widow’s Wail. Brienne has Oathkeeper. Will these two swords be in the big showdown?
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Oathkeeper is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list All the Swords in GoT (And What You Should Know About Them)
Photo: HBO

Owner: Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth

Material: Valyrian steel

History: The second sword from the re-forging of Ice, at Tywin’s request. Tywin gives the sword to Jaime to honor his stepping down as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard to rule Casterly Rock. Jaime turns down the offer because… Cersei. But Tywin tells him to keep the sword. Jaime gives Brienne the sword as she embarks on her search for Sansa, saying that it’s appropriate for her to take up the search using Ned Stark’s sword. She named it Oathkeeper and used it to kill Stannis.
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Needle is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list All the Swords in GoT (And What You Should Know About Them)
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Owner: Arya Stark

Material: Castle-forged steel

History: Jon Snow had the Winterfell blacksmith Mikken make the thin rapier for his little sister to fit with her small build. Its name is a play on Arya’s terrible sewing skills, which pale in comparison to Sansa’s exemplary skill. Her father hires her “dancing” instructor, First Sword of Braavos Syrio Forel, who teaches her the Braavosi Water Dance style of swordfighting. Arya has used the sword to kill a stable boy, Polliver, and Rorge (so far). Before she enters the House of Black and White in Braavos, she hides Needle. 

But now that's she disobeyed Jaqen's order twices, she's going to need Needle. Waif shish kabebs, anyone? 

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