Total Nerd This Is What Game Of Thrones Would Look Like As A Show On Cartoon Network  

Mick Jacobs

Sometimes (but really all the time if you think about it), Game of Thrones gets extremely bleak, bleak to the point you wonder why you put yourself through the emotional torture of it all. Thankfully, this cartoon rendering of Game of Thrones will make winter feel a little less cold.

This Game of Thones/Adventure Time mashup gives Westeros an animated makeover, turning many of the Seven Kingdoms's nightmarish creatures into adorable little cartoon characters.

The menacing White Walkers become the blundering Ice King while Daenerys and her dragons stand-in for Princess Bubblegum and her loyal Lady Rainicorn. Honestly, how are you not 100 percent behind the land of Westeroo already?

Furthermore, Finn and Jake embody Jon and Ghost pretty well when you think about it, and would at least make their adventures a lot less stressful to follow. 2017 comes with enough stress already.