The Best Vacation Spots in the Seven Kingdoms

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Vote up the hot (or icy cold!) spots you'd use up all your vacation days on if the Seven Kingdoms were, you know, real.
Don’t let us SPOIL your vacation! The latest all of Seasons 1-6 are discussed.   
It’s vacation time in the realm! Are you bored with the same old family trip to the same old places every year? The Westeros and Essos Tourism Boards would love to help. They’ve got all the details about the best places in the Seven Kingdoms and beyond to check out for your next getaway. There’s something for everyone.
Rave in the ruins of Old Valyria, ride on the back of Drogon in Meereen and kill all of the slavers, visit the Dothraki Sea (currently free of most of the Dothraki bloodriders), and watch a reenactment of Ramsay Bolton’s death in the kennels at Winterfell.
From the dry heat of Dorne to the land beyond the Wall, these Game of Thrones vacation spots should not be missed. Do you like wine and an endless supply of agriculture? Highgarden is a must! Also, learn the art of deception from the Tyrells. Speaking of revenge and cocktails, Dorne is one of the most popular sunny spots in all of the realm. Their signature cocktail is Ellaria's Kiss. 
The kids can brush up on their poisons while you arrange for someone’s death at the House of Black and White in Braavos. And who wouldn’t want to take a skiing lesson from one of the blue-eyed Craster brothers in the Land of Always Winter?
Looking for the best places for romance in the Seven Kingdoms? Might we suggest a sunset row with Gendry in Blackwater Bay or a custom destination wedding at the Twins? Are you into roughing it? Look no further than the legendary Flayed Man festival in the Red Waste. Or how about a bowl of brown in Flea Bottom, an adventure in and of itself?
It’s time to change up the boring routine and book your vacation in the Seven Kingdoms. Send a raven today!
Please note: The Westeros and Essos Tourism Boards are not responsible for any incidents involving maiming, decapitation, roasting by a dragon, greyscaling, revenge killing, drowning, prolonged imprisonment, being made into a wight, the sudden outbreak of war, winter coming, or being pushed through a Moon Door, or from great heights such as a tower or the Wall.
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    Get High at Highgarden

    Get High at Highgarden
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    Elevated vistas of the Reach like no other, Highgarden is THE place to get away from it all.  
    Take a tour of the vineyards, bone up on your embroidery skills, or take Lady Olenna’s advanced Plotting and Scheming course. See if you can achieve the highest score: The Margaery. RIP, girl.
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    All Men Must Have a Blast in Braavos!

    All Men Must Have a Blast in Braavos!
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    And ladies, too! The Free Cities have something for the whole family. Take a lagoon boat ride, a tour of the Iron Bank, or enjoy some delicious fresh oysters and vanilla.  
    Over at the House of Black and White, there are stick-fighting lessons and fun interactive poison-identification kiosks for the older kids; face-painting and replacement for the little ones.
    You won’t just be leaving with a smile on your face (or whichever face you have now) and a cool selfie with the Titan of Braavos, you’ll also be returning home with the satisfaction of knowing where to turn in case someone you hate needs to be assassinated.
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    Sun and Sand Snake-Kissed Dorne

    Sun and Sand Snake-Kissed Dorne
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    They say nothing is ever boring for long in Dorne. Equal, open minded, and the perfect place to get revenge, nothing is sweeter than a margarita made from blood oranges and the actual blood of your enemies, laced with poison and a splash of gloating. It's on the menu as "Ellaria’s Kiss"!

    Come for the healing powers of the desert. Stay for the coup.
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    Winter Is Awesome Again at Winterfell!

    Winter Is Awesome Again at Winterfell!
    Photo: HBO
    Listen to a tour guide dressed as Old Nan tell you the history of House Stark, Hodor, and all about the Long Night. Leave a blue rose for Lyanna in the Crypt.  

    In the kennels, watch the popular reenactment of the death of Ramsay Bolton. Meet the actual dogs who consumed him. Don’t forget to purchase your direwolf t-shirt as you exit. 
    Take the thrilling Tower Fall ride, a POV free-fall all the way to the ground where a young Summer is waiting below. Try to avoid the push by Jaime Lannister with each ride. Bet you can’t!  
    Pay your respects in the Godswood. Say hello to Bran.
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    The Beautiful and Literally Breathtaking Vale

    The Beautiful and Literally Breathtaking Vale
    Photo: HBO
    Your stay will be far from boring in the sky cell suites. Enjoy heart-stopping fun on the Moon Door ride. Interact with a super crazy hologram of Lysa. Meet Robin’s 48th falcon, Petey. 
    Warning: Entry to the park is riddled with snipers.
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    Have a Legitimately Good Time at King’s Landing

    Have a Legitimately Good Time at King’s Landing
    Photo: HBO

    Sit on the Iron Throne but probably not when Queen Cersei is ruling. Take the Walk of Shame as your very own Septa Unella (played by an actor, the real Septa Unella is unavailable for appearances at this time) rings a bell and actual residents of the city throw raw garbage at your head. Confess in the black cells. Get a souvenir cudgel at the Faith Militant gift shop while supplies, and the Faith Militant, last.

    Update: Merchandise no longer available. Although, temporary Seven forehead tattoos can be purchased at certain kiosks in Flea Bottom.

    Screenings daily of My Name Is Jaime in the Red Keep Theatre: Watch the Mad King go mad all over again and watch as Jaime Lannister puts the insane Targaryen down.  

    Coming next month: The Wildfire Passion of Cersei and Cleganebowl: Sandor’s Story.

    Advisory: The area where the Sept of Baelor used to be is off limits to visitors until further notice.

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