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19 Behind The Scenes Secrets Of TV Game Shows From Actual Participants

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Redditor u/olymp1a asked 'People who have been on T.V. game shows, what are some ‘behind the scenes’ secrets that regular viewers don’t know about?'" The answers are full of people sharing their experiences, and they're quite revealing. Vote up your favorites below!

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    The Families Work Against Other Contestants

    From Redditor u/RandomPunktSucks:

    I was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and its all scripted. The filming took half a day for 30 minutes of film. When you win the intro round, you are taken out to get your make up on, and then they instruct you how to act when you celebrate.

    The reason the audience is so completely useless (and why you see so many press wrong on obvious answers) is because 20-30% of the audience is friends and family to the other 7 contestants who are waiting for their turn. We spent two days in the studio, and if the initial contestant loses, the others get their chance. If one contestant goes far and takes a lot of time, no one else gets a chance, so the audience tells the wrong answer on purpose.

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    This Winner Got A Cash Equivalent

    From Redditor u/BladeBronson:

    I was a winner on The Price is Right. After the show, you’re taken into a small room where you do paperwork. Some of the items that I won onscreen (iPads, movie tickets and snacks for a year) were instead awarded as the cash equivalent (I had no say in the matter). Also, contrary to popular belief, the contestant does not have the option to request money instead of specific prizes. The only choice you have is to outright decline any of the prizes.

    Edited to add: Winners of CBS game shows are not permitted to be contestants on CBS game shows for ten years. Former Price is Right winners may still attend a taping, but a big diagonal line is drawn through their name on their name tag.

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    He Won A Lifetime Supply Of WD40

    From Redditor u/DobbyDun:

    My teacher was on Wheel of Fortune Australia and he won a life supply of WD-40. It turns out with average usage a can of WD-40 lasts twenty years, so a life's supply is four cans.

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    There's A Lot Of Awkward Silence

    From Redditor u/hockeyfn16:

    I was on Cash Cab. You can't just hail a cab in New York which turns out to be the Cash Cab. There is a vetting process, but you don't know you are going to be on the show so the reaction is genuine.

    (I signed a non-disclosure agreement so probably can't go into it too much, but they tell you that you will be on a different show. They hail you a cab when the production van "breaks down" and you wind up in the Cash Cab.)

    Also, there is a lot of awkward silence time while he is listening to the producer in his ear. There is a cameraman riding unseen on TV. The money he gives is prop money for TV. They mail you a check after the show airs. Ben Bailey was genuinely a nice guy.