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19 Times People Shared How Winning A Game Show Changed Their Life

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Do you ever wonder what it's like to be on a game show and win? If it's life-changing or a scam? Thanks to an AskReddit, some users have shared their experiences and we've rounded up the best stories from contestants and how it changed their life. Vote up your faves!

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    The 'Phone A Friend' That Was Able To Adopt A Baby

    From u/GreenLigh:

    My high school drama and speech teacher was the “friend” someone called for a “phone a friend” option on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? back when Regis was still the host. The guy who called him shared a portion of the money with my teacher, like 20-30k and my teacher used the money to adopt a baby.

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    Won $125,000 On 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'

    From u/lavenderincense:

    I won $125,000 on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire about 20 years ago. After taxes, I still had about $80,000. I paid my car off, got a computer, was able to quit a full-time job I hated and take a more enjoyable part-time job, and went to college. Now I work at a job I love that I wouldn’t have if I never got a college education. RIP Regis.

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    Won The Showcase On 'The Price Is Right'

    From u/Fluxmuster:

    I won the showcase on The Price is Right. It was the spring break episode so it was only college students. It was my senior year of college. Winning a new car (2011 Mazda Miata) and a bunch of other stuff made the last semester of college awesome. It's s been 9.5 years and I still drive the car. So I guess it's changed my life in that I've never had car payments. 

    Had to pay tax on the value of all the prizes as if it were income. Luckily I hit a dollar on the big wheel and a nickel on my bonus spin and won enough cash to cover taxes. Everything else included - $11,000, 2 surfboards and wetsuits, a week trip to Sandals Bahamas, and a few other odds and ends like a printer.

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    Won $100k Of Investments On 'Make Me A Millionaire Inventor'

    From u/FITGuard:

    I was on a show on CNBC Make me a Millionaire Inventor. We were in episode 1 season 1; the premiere.

    We had developed a mouthguard that measures the severity and frequency of sport impacts. We ended up "winning" $100,000 investment from the investors and everything worked out.

    We received the capital and deployed it effectively. We are now a growing company, that helps keep athletes safe around the world.

    For us, it was rather monumental!

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