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16 Games You Need To Play If You Love The 'Fallout' Franchise

23 Mar 2020 193 votes 41 voters 2.3k views16 items

Fallout’s warped take on a world trying to come back together from the near brink of extinction has become something of a video game mainstay. Often appearing near the top of most gamers’ Best Of lists, it’s no surprise so many games like Fallout take advantage of similar gameplay mechanics and unique (and often macabre) plots.

Taking place in a not-so-far-flung future, the basic set up usually follows setting off onto a savage wasteland that seems out of touch with humanity. From excavating the Nevada desert, scouring for a water ship in New California, or forging the fragmented remains of DC, playing a Fallout game is like getting a brief but beautiful glimpse of alternate history. The scope of this series spans several incarnations, including both single-player games in the form of Fallout 1-4, numerous spin-offs, and a multiplayer experience in Fallout 76

For fans looking for games like Fallout, Wasteland 2 is a great place to start. It shares a lot of similarities with the first few games, and the vast, barren world could almost be taken directly from the franchise. If you’re looking for another fix of Fallout in your life, then these could be the next best thing.

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