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15 Games You Need To Play If You Love 'RuneScape'

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Looking for a few fun games that offer the same sense of endless  as RuneScape? Released in 2001, RuneScape was one of the first MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) to achieve breakthrough success, leaving a lasting legacy with tons of other games trying to follow suit. Taking place in an ever-changing fantasy realm, gamers join other players to discover what secrets the giant world of Gielinor holds, all while building up a would-be champion and creating their own legend. Although it still stands as one of the most engaging in original games of all time, there are plenty of fun games like RuneScape that offer the same style of gameplay with tons of customizable features and vast, open worlds to explore.

With a reputation that far proceeds itself, RuneScape has managed to stay in the MMO conversation for the better part of the 21st century. There's even a mobile version for Android users in the works. Many of its players have grown up with the game from its humble beginnings, with a number of dedicated gamers still playing nearly 20 years later. Through the game’s various updates and internal changes, it has kept a dedicated fanbase—even hosting its own regular convention, RuneFest. 

From epic MMORPGs to classic games on Android, iOS, and other devices, here are 15 classic games that are similar to RuneScape.

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    Final Fantasy XIV

    Dreams come true with Final Fantasy XIV, allowing players to explore the fabled lands of the seminal series like never before! It would be impossible to touch on everything the game has to offer, as it’s so incomprehensibly massive. Creating your own decked-out, 'to the nines' hero is only a fraction of the way you can make the adventure your own. Much like RuneScape’s own ability to go towards the skills you prefer, Final Fantasy also offers the option to switch between different classes relatively freely. You can start out as a Pugilist and go forward to become a Conjurer!

    Where RuneScape has seen some of its initial popularity wane, Final Fantasy XIV has only prospered with time following a successful relaunch in 2013. Multiple expansions have added some of the most engaging story content in the series. If it hasn’t already, it’s very likely that it will take the throne as one of your favorite games among its MMO contemporaries.

    • Release: 2010
    • Genres (Video game): Action game, Role-playing video game, Massively multiplayer online game, Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
    • Platform: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows
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  • Minecraft offers a world that is brilliantly malleable. Every cubic square can be reshaped, rebuilt, and redone. It’s very much a game that’s what you make of it. You could try to ‘finish’ the game by fighting a fourth-dimensional dragon, or you could build a mansion that takes several bountiful mining expeditions worth of materials to complete. The game weaves together a combination of both rustic and magical pursuits. Crafting, enchanting, smelting, it has all kinds of avocations to fill out the world and offers a similar sense of open exploration and depth reminiscent of RuneScape

    Minecraft's also immensely fun to play with friends, as you all feel like you’re working towards a communal goal. With the option to make personal servers, you can alter the rules of the game, play PVP-specific custom games, and even add mods that let you catch Pokémon, build a spaceship, or even go to the moon.

    • Release: 2011
    • Genres (Video game): Open world, Action game, Sandbox
    • Platform: GNU/Linux, Xbox 360, Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh
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  • Grind is part of the daily life of Runescape, and that is doubly true in Path of Exile. In classic action-RPG format, players take on dazzling battles with many abilities in their arsenal, gaining experience, gear, and various skills. This is where the scope of the game really shines. A redwood among skill trees, it staggeringly weighs in with over 1,000 different nodes between passive and active talents. 

    To sweeten the deal, there are also additional ways to modify abilities, leading to near-endless levels of combinations and options. Getting to customize each move and tweaking how they act makes it even more possible to tailor the overall combat style to one’s liking. The game has consistently been lauded for its unobtrusive free-to-play model, allowing the room to explore all these options for the low cost of zero dollars.

    • Release: 2013
    • Genres (Video game): Action role-playing game
    • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, macOS
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    Life is Feudal

    More than just a clever play on words, Life is Feudal is for those who feel that video games are too willing to offer instant gratification. Where grinding is no stranger to the land of RuneScape, it's something players engage in long past the ending in Life is Feudal. The gameplay consists of building structures and living off the land all while collaborating with other players, with the goal being constructing large towns and beyond. 

    Realism is the hand that drives the vision at development studio Bitbox Ltd. With many things taking multiple real-life days to complete, just about anything feels like an accomplishment to see it to fruition. Even the short cuts feel like long cuts. Coming in two flavors, both a vast MMO and a slightly paired down server-based affair, the pace is broken up ever so slightly with mini games for resource collecting. It's for a very specific type of player who has an ocean of patience and dedication.

    Release: 2015
    Genres (Video game): MMO
    Platform: Microsoft Windows

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