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19 Games You Need To Play If You Liked The Last Of Us

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The Last of Us is simply one of the finest video game experiences ever crafted, giving rise to insane fan theories, cosplays, and fan art. When it was released in 2013, Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic masterpiece captured the hearts of every gamer who played it. But what video games do you play after you finish The Last of Us? It's a tough act to follow, to be sure, but there are several survival horror games that have similar qualities as Joel and Ellie's (voiced by Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, respectively) dystopian road trip.

You may have loved The Last of Us' emphasis on character writing, excellent acting, great stealth mechanics, and desperate gunplay. Well, lucky for you, there are many experiences with the same engaging elements, whether it be from Naughty Dog, Bioware, Telltale, Capcom, or a host of other beloved companies that have turned out classic games. So, if you're looking to fill in the hole in your heart with great games similar to The Last of Us, check out the list below!

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    This game is one of the defining classics of its genre. While many games in the third person shooter genre (including The Last of Us) borrow heavily from its advances in gameplay, you have to appreciate the first game to really go out and try it.

    The story and writing may be ridiculous, but there are multiple things in this game that feel like The Last of Us, right down to escorting a young woman. For those of you who are a little more trigger happy, the weapon variety is a little more upscale.

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    For those of you who like the dour atmosphere and deep character exploration of The Last of Us, Heavy Rain might scratch the itch for more. You play as a detective, reporter, private eye, and father investigating the kidnapping of a young boy. There's lots of rain (if it wasn't obvious), lots of dark, character-driven stories, and plenty of moments that will have you squirming in horror.

    It's more focused on the narrative than gameplay, so don't expect many gunfights. But if you're all about being told a story, Heavy Rain might be right for you.

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    The post-apocalyptic genre is essentially the new western, which The Last of Us embraces with the road trip story structure and acoustic guitar melodies. If those parts of the game appeal to you, check out Red Dead Redemption. You play a rough-and-tumble former outlaw trying (and failing) to escape his past.

    The game has an open world structure that developer Rockstar is known for, but it cuts out the political satire that defines so much of the Grand Theft Auto games. 

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    Another Fallout means another wasteland to explore. In this installment, you're a parent searching for your lost son. You may not have a surrogate child with you on the journey, but if you want to play as a scorned parent looking to fill a hole in their heart, this game will fit the bill. One thing this game has over The Last of Us is a portable nuclear bomb launcher, which automatically makes it better than pretty much everything else out there.

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