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The Best Games To Play With Non-Gamers

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Some games are great to play alone. Others are fun to play online and with fellow gamers. Then there are the awesome games that anyone can pick up and play. We’re not talking about Resident Evil on hard mode here, we’re talking about games for non-gamers. Games that someone who’s only ever played bowling on the Wii can still pick up and play as part of a duo or group without too much of a problem.

If you’re playing Assassin’s Creed and your little cousin shows up, which game do you pop in to play? Do you switch over to the Wii or keep the PlayStation rolling? Do you pop in Portal 2 or throw it back to Super Smash Bros. on the N64?

Playing alone and getting through a game's story mode is a great feeling, but sometimes playing through an entire story mode with your girlfriend or boyfriend for the first time can be even better. You guys worked together and tackled the game that you could barely beat yourself the first time around. What are the best games to play with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or plain old friend who’s a non-gamer?

Or do you prefer multiplayer games were you can take your friend down? Forget about that nice and friendly co-op mode and throw down in one of the Soulcalibur arenas. It’s all fun and games until their button mashing throws you off the side and they win with a lucky ring out.

Whether you prefer playing with your inexperienced friends or against them, what’s your favorite multiplayer game for non-gamers. Vote up the most accessible group games and vote down the ones that will end in heartbreak for gaming novices.